Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 – Best Day   1 comment

No, not because of the election.  Today (in wordpress’s version of “today”) I hit my new page view high score, beating out the day Bruce published my analysis of Rudy’s editorial by 10 views, new top score 204:

Installing Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron 60
Windows Vista Fat16/32 Support 24
Installing XP On A Dell Inspiron 518 21
Channeling Nostradamus II 18
Did I Just Hear That? 9
9 Angry Man (& Woman) Monologues 5
All Your Base Are Belong To Us 5
AutoFS 5 and LDAP 3
Shake Shake Shake 2
Portable Document Format: Really? 1
Our Concept of “Intellectual Property” I 1
Google Calendar and Gmail are Quietly Sn 1
External Monitors and Intel 945/955/965 1
Traveling Insecurely 1
Moral Quandries 1
Operating Systems Suck 1
Trader Joe’s and Transitive Trust 1
Bad Security 201 – Remote X Sessions ove 1
Just Look At This Place, It Looks Like A 1
Data at Rest, Data in Transit, Data in U 1
I Vote For Ed 1

Here’s the funny part, the search terms that led to some of those visits:

dell inspiron 518 network drive for xp 5
installing windows xp on dell inspiron 1 3
vista format fat32 tools 2
vista format fat32 2
fat32 ps3 vista 2
driver+dell inspiron 1420 + windows vist 2
download driver sound inspiron 1420 for 2
dell inspiron 518 xp 2
dell inspiron 1420 ethernet driver downl 2
angry monologue 2
reporter smelling “weed in the air” at a 1
windows vista does not connect to wirele 1
century city fox news smells weed 1
driver inspiron-1420 for xp 1
format 320gb external harddrive fat32 vi 1
fat16 full screen support vista 1
format a usb hdd using fat32 in vista 1
using vista to format a drive in fat32 1
smell a “little bit of weed” barack 1
“weed in the air” fox news 1
ldap automount 1
inspiron 1420 dell xp 1
ssh trusted x 1
telecharger driver dell inspiron 1420 po 1
inspiron desktop 518 xp driver 1

Three visits to this post, highlighted. Curiosity is killing me as to who these visitors were…

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  1. Sweet!

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