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Watchin’ on The Teevee   1 comment

When I was young, I watched a lot of 70’s cop shows.  Here’s some nostalgia for you all.

First, the show that got me into cop shows, and its partner show (which isn’t a cop show, but the two belong together like rice and beans):

Now the ones that I was discouraged from watching.  Oddly enough, they were the two to be resurrected for the big screen (both movies were horrible… coincidence?)

Dad wasn’t a fan.  He thought the show was terrible (and, admittedly, it was).

Mom disapproved of SWAT.  It did have the uber-cool funky theme song, though.  Plus, Doug Wedge watched it, so it must have been cool.

These next three remind me of Grandma.  I remember watching them at her house.

Streets of San Francisco ties for my favorite cop show.  Karl Malden was the man.

Ah, Quincy.  You and Sam took on everybody, the cops, the bad guys, your boss… you name it.

Yeah, I know.  Buddy Epsen?  Moving on to more a more edgy show, certainly one with more action…

5-0 comes in second after the two first place ties.  I think I’ve seen most of the episodes.  McGarrett was likewise the man.

This one I remember most because he had a *car phone*.  In a *briefcase*.  How awesome was that?

The lollipop man.  “You’re gonna do hard time, baby!”

Not seen very often, as the time slot was outside the normal permitted viewing time:

Mom and Dad were both fans of this next one.  The guy lived on a boat, notably cool.

And the tie for first place, of course, goes to the guy who just has one more thing he doesn’t understand…

And, hey, I forgot Jimmy!


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This One’s For Colin   1 comment

The nonsensical comedy stuff is piling up.  At least it makes for easy blog posts…

ST:TOS is the A-Team… so of course, ST:TNG is…

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Spoiler Alert: Time Sink   Leave a comment

This is hilarious.

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It’s Funny, ‘Cause It’s True   2 comments



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OUT, Damned spot!   3 comments

I’m cleaning today.  Kitty took the kiddos to the train museum at the park, and I’m tackling jobs that require loud music.

So far, done: cleaned the dog run, emptied the dishwasher, fed kiddos, cleaned up dishes, hand-scrubbed the hardwood floors in the living room with Murphy’s, cleaned the kitchen floor (likewise with rag and elbow grease), went to the store, rented the steam cleaner, refilled the water softner, and steam-cleaned the couch.

Moving on to the rugs in the bedrooms now.  Mr. Thorogood is very loud.

If you’ve never steam cleaned your rugs or upholstry, I highly recommend doing it at least once a year.  You’ll be utterly, thoroughly, and completely grossed out the first time you do it, the filth is transcendental.

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You are Number Six.   1 comment

Patrick McGoohan died today.

So did Ricardo Montalban.

Here’s one of my favorite Ricardo parts, from the movie Battleground (1:04).

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Andy Wants This   2 comments

So does Justin, I imagine.  From TK560:

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