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Watchin’ on The Teevee   1 comment

When I was young, I watched a lot of 70’s cop shows.  Here’s some nostalgia for you all.

First, the show that got me into cop shows, and its partner show (which isn’t a cop show, but the two belong together like rice and beans):

Now the ones that I was discouraged from watching.  Oddly enough, they were the two to be resurrected for the big screen (both movies were horrible… coincidence?)

Dad wasn’t a fan.  He thought the show was terrible (and, admittedly, it was).

Mom disapproved of SWAT.  It did have the uber-cool funky theme song, though.  Plus, Doug Wedge watched it, so it must have been cool.

These next three remind me of Grandma.  I remember watching them at her house.

Streets of San Francisco ties for my favorite cop show.  Karl Malden was the man.

Ah, Quincy.  You and Sam took on everybody, the cops, the bad guys, your boss… you name it.

Yeah, I know.  Buddy Epsen?  Moving on to more a more edgy show, certainly one with more action…

5-0 comes in second after the two first place ties.  I think I’ve seen most of the episodes.  McGarrett was likewise the man.

This one I remember most because he had a *car phone*.  In a *briefcase*.  How awesome was that?

The lollipop man.  “You’re gonna do hard time, baby!”

Not seen very often, as the time slot was outside the normal permitted viewing time:

Mom and Dad were both fans of this next one.  The guy lived on a boat, notably cool.

And the tie for first place, of course, goes to the guy who just has one more thing he doesn’t understand…

And, hey, I forgot Jimmy!

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This One’s For Colin   1 comment

The nonsensical comedy stuff is piling up.  At least it makes for easy blog posts…

ST:TOS is the A-Team… so of course, ST:TNG is…

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Spoiler Alert: Time Sink   Leave a comment

This is hilarious.

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It’s Funny, ‘Cause It’s True   2 comments



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OUT, Damned spot!   3 comments

I’m cleaning today.  Kitty took the kiddos to the train museum at the park, and I’m tackling jobs that require loud music.

So far, done: cleaned the dog run, emptied the dishwasher, fed kiddos, cleaned up dishes, hand-scrubbed the hardwood floors in the living room with Murphy’s, cleaned the kitchen floor (likewise with rag and elbow grease), went to the store, rented the steam cleaner, refilled the water softner, and steam-cleaned the couch.

Moving on to the rugs in the bedrooms now.  Mr. Thorogood is very loud.

If you’ve never steam cleaned your rugs or upholstry, I highly recommend doing it at least once a year.  You’ll be utterly, thoroughly, and completely grossed out the first time you do it, the filth is transcendental.

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You are Number Six.   1 comment

Patrick McGoohan died today.

So did Ricardo Montalban.

Here’s one of my favorite Ricardo parts, from the movie Battleground (1:04).

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Andy Wants This   2 comments

So does Justin, I imagine.  From TK560:

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The Siblings Will Understand   10 comments

My father has a certain… cadence in textual communication.

He sent me an email that included, at the end, the following:

And finally, I am in possession of an envelop that I have been asked to hold. I have never looked into that envelop. As I remember the envelop is to be opened only when the sender of the envelop dies. Now, how’s that for an envelop?

Here is what came out of my brain in response. It’s not quite as polished as I would like in a final draft, but I offer it here as an illustration of what sorts of conversations I have with Dad, which may be enlightening to some… of course, he had a response, but I’m uncertain I have reprint rights 🙂

I’ve been thinking about this sort of envelop since you sent me this mail, and a theoretical conflict of personal ethics and morality has come to my attention.

It seems apparent that anyone who would create such an envelop has included some revelation of such great import that the consequences of disclosure are regarded as either something to be avoided… or, perhaps, that the revelation itself is qualitatively different in the chosen medium; that is to say, the act of disclosure of the revelation has a meaning that is different (and, therefore of less value) than it would coming when the author is corporeally accessible.

Either the revelation is of a disagreeable nature (or, perhaps, of a nature that has no particular implicit connotation in and of itself but will be regarded by the Opener of the envelop as disagreeable due to a quirk or shortcoming of the Opener him/herself)… or the revelation is of an agreeable nature (perhaps itself enhanced, most likely by the interpretation of the Opener, as being of greater value coming from the Departed).

Oh, there is the third possibility one must imagine may occur, that the envelop itself is of no consequence to anyone except merely as a consequence of being; that is to say, the contents of the envelop are of no matter or account, but the presence of the envelop itself and the act of bestowing it upon the Bearer represent a bestowing of trust which is itself of value vis-a-vis the relationship between the Author and the Bearer; in this case, the Opener is largely a cosmetic affair.

Now, the true Purpose of the envelop itself may not be quantified quite so measurably (as it represents some combination of all three of the above possibilities), but in any event we can presuppose that the purpose of the envelop is contained somewhere above, in perhaps a union of multiple purposes and objectives.

As the acceptor of such an envelop, then, one can propose that you are choosing to become an accessory (either before or after the fact, depending upon how one looks at it) to the disclosure of said revelation, and thus must bear some of the responsibility for the consequences of such revelation.

Is this an acceptable burden for a man of honor? To what extent does your obligation to the Author (to execute the delivery of the envelop upon death thereof) intersect with your obligation, if any, to the Opener, possible affected third parties, or to the Almighty?

One must allow for the possibility, after all, that the act of opening the envelop may have as a consequence the imposition of harm, either upon the Opener or some other party… whether it be real, perceived or imagined. Does the honorable man assume this burden? Is the honorable man obligated to assume this burden as part of the act of assuming the obligation from the Author? Can the honorable man execute this obligation without accepting, implicitly, some responsibility for the outcome of opening? If so, is the honorable man, executing this obligation, allowed (or perhaps required) to exercise his own judgment as to the proper way to execute this obligation?

After all, we must also suppose that the Author of said envelop is himself not capable of reliably imagining the state of affairs after his passing. Perhaps the contents of the envelop, designed in all conscience as a soothing balm to the Opener in the event of the passing (tragic or otherwise) of the Author, will instead have as a consequence the precise opposite effect wished by the Author. One can imagine that this will be difficult to predict, and that the only possible judge of the outcome of revelation is in fact not the Author but instead the Bearer of the obligation… but of course the Bearer cannot surmise the actual effect of disclosure without knowing the contents of said envelop.

What does one do? Open the envelop and examine the contents prior to delivery, after the death of the Author? Deliver the envelop after the Author’s passing without heed to the consequence? Deliver the envelop after passing in full awareness of possible consequence and accepting full responsibility for disclosure of revelations enabled by one’s actions, without exercising one’s own judgment as to the value of the contents itself? Is this perhaps a case for a relativists to argue “It Depends on The State of Affairs at the Time”, or must one have a clearly stated position upon accepting the obligation in the first place to regard oneself as a proper gentleman?

Apologies to all and sundry for the non-gender neutralized verbiage.

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Quote of the Day   Leave a comment

“I’ve been thinking about replacing my brain and cranium with a transparent dice popper like in those old Milton Bradley games. I think the decisions generated that way might be more logically consistent.”
— A. Voss

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Innnnddddy! The Torch is Running Out!   3 comments

I made myself a promise some time ago.  It seemed like I had forever to fulfill that promise.  I then updated it when I had children.

Not too much time is left.  I obviously can’t make the first one on this list.  Waiting until the last (or even second or third to last) is risky; it assumes budgets that may not pan out.

Anyone else want to go see a 4,400,000 pound object break Earth gravity?  [edited to add: before Hammer calls me out, it’s only 4,400,000 on the pad… by the time it sheds the boosters, the fuel tank, and the lion’s share of the fuel, it’s down to under 300,000 lbs]

Mission: STS-119
Proposed Launch Date: February 12, 2009
Shuttle: Discovery
Mission Description: Discovery will bring the fourth starboard truss segment to the ISS on assembly flight 15A, as well as the fourth set of solar arrays and batteries. Click here for a video of how the assembly will be accomplished.
Crew: Lee Archambault, Dominic Antonelli, John Phillips, Steven R. Swanson, Joseph Acaba, Richard Arnold (Acaba and Arnold are Educator Astronauts). Additionally, STS-119 will bring JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata to the station as part of Expedition 18, and bring home astronaut Sandy Magnus.

Mission: STS-127
Proposed Launch Date: May 15, 2009
Shuttle: Endeavour
Mission Description: Endeavour will deliver and install the final component of the Japanese Experiment Module, the Exposed Facility.
Crew: Mark Polansky, Doug Hurley, Christopher Cassidy, Thomas Marshburn, Dave Wolf, Julie Payette, as well as bringing ISS Expedition 19 Flight Engineer Timothy Kopra to the station and returning Koichi Wakata back home.

Mission: STS-128
Proposed Launch Date: July 30, 2009
Shuttle: Atlantis
Mission Description: Atlantis’ primary payload will be the Italian Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Donatello, which will deliver equipment to allow for bringing the station crew from three to six.
Crew: Not yet set, but currently, Nicole Stott is scheduled to be brought to the station as part of the Expedition 19, and Tim Kopra will get a ride home. The additional astronauts for the increased ISS crew size have not yet been named.

dn7806-1_500-250×185 Only 11 Space Shuttle Missions Remain
Mission: STS-129
Proposed Launch Date: October 15, 2009
Shuttle: Discovery
Mission Description: Discovery will deliver the first two ExPRESS(Expedite the Processing of Experiments to the Space Station) Logistics Carriers, which allows for “outdoor” experiments at the ISS.
Crew: Not yet named, but astronaut Jeff Williams is scheduled to be brought on board as part of Expedition 20, and Nicole Stott brought home.

Mission: STS-130
Proposed Launch Date: December 10, 2009
Shuttle: Endeavour, (possibly its last flight (see below)
Mission Description: Endeavour will bring supplies to the ISS in the Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module. No crew for the shuttle or station has yet been named.

Mission: STS-131
Proposed Launch Date: February 11, 2010
Shuttle: Atlantis, on its final flight
Mission Description: Atlantis will deliver the Docking Cargo Module and the third and fourth EXPRESS Logistics Carriers to the ISS on Assembly Flight ULF5.

Mission: STS-132
Proposed Launch Date: April 8, 2010
Shuttle: Discovery, its final flight
Mission Description: deliver the Node 3 components to the ISS, which includes advanced life support systems and a Cupola with a robotic workstation. It’s possible that this flight could be the final space shuttle mission if an additional contingency mission is not needed.

Mission: STS-133
Proposed Launch Date: May 31, 2010
Shuttle: Endeavour (for sure the final flight!)
Mission Description: This is a contingency flight to finish any remaining construction or bring up any remaining components, and possibly bring the 5th ExPRESS Logistics Carrier. If needed, this will be the final space shuttle mission.

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