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For Father’s Day, Kitty and I packed Jack and Hannah up in the car and headed over to Silverlake to have brunch at Millie’s (by the way, if you’ve never had brunch at Millie’s and you live in Los Angeles, you have a quest to perform – I recommend the Devil’s Mess).

Millie’s is mostly sidewalk seating, and we’re plunked down on a rickety table next to two guys who are sitting with a couple of young women.  Age pegged right around 32.

Now, these two gentlemen were regaling each other (and to a lesser extent their company) with stories about personal computers in The Elde Days.  Snippets of the conversation included, “Dude, I remember when the Commodore 64 came out, and it rocked the competition on graphics…”

Reality-check time.  The Commodore 64 came out in 1982.  I was 11.  I remember when the Commodore 64 came out.  I’m turning 40 this year.

If these guys were alive when the Commodore 64 came out, they were younger than 5.  Okay, so maybe their big brother had a Commodore 64.  But if these two dudes had the capacity to judge graphics quality at age 5, I’ll eat my Atari 400 Basic cartridge.

So my question is: are these guys fronting their nerd kred to each other… or is this an actual conversation that 32 year-old menfolk can use to get 32 year-old girls?  Because if so, it’s definitely true that nerd has gone mainstream in bad, bad way.

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