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A website with a collection of freeware links.

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150,228,731 personal records lost, stolen, or hacked as of today   Leave a comment

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse keeps a running total of personal information data breaches.

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Some people have asked me, “How do I know what software is loaded when my machine boots up?” According to Microsoft TechNet:

Under Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition (Me) where all keys are supported, the keys are loaded in the following order:



<Logon Prompt>




StartUp Folder


With the exception of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\…\RunOnce key, all keys and their entries are loaded asynchronously. Therefore, all entries in the RunServices and RunServicesOnce keys can potentially run at the same time.

Entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\…\RunOnce key are loaded synchronously in an undefined order.

Because the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\…\RunOnce key is loaded synchronously, all of its entries must finish loading before the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\…\Run, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\…\Run, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\…\RunOnce, and Startup Folder entries can be loaded.

The RunServicesOnce and RunServices keys are loaded before the user logs into Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me. Because these two keys run asynchronously with the Logon dialog box, they can continue to run after the user has logged on. However, since HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\…\RunOnce must load synchronously, its entries will not begin loading until after the RunServicesOnce and RunServices keys have finished loading.

Because of different system configurations (such as a computer that is configured to automatically log on), any application that is dependant upon other applications that are executed under these keys having completed must be prepared to wait until these applications are complete. Other than this exception, the above description applies to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

If you’re leery about messing with your registry, you can also use Mark Russinovich’s Autoruns utility, available at the Sysinternals web site.

This will help you to identify spyware or adware that may be loading up on your machine at boot time.

If you think your machine has been hacked, this procedure probably won’t help you, as many/most packaged rootkits will attempt to hide themselves from cursory inspection of the registry. You can use RootKitRevealer to detect user- or kernel-level rootkits.

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I finished the base course write-ups section for my MSIS program (also available on the top links), which includes the textbook references.

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Starting a database project for tracking machine inventory for administrative purposes. Currently aimed at covering only fiscal costs and administrative info: purchase info, warranty info, EOL. Have to keep it normalized so that I can easily add hardware and software information…

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Build Your Ultimate Superhero Team Quiz   12 comments

From Connie-Lynne’s LiveJournal:

The Challenge: Assemble a superteam from your favorite books, films, TV shows, etc.

Your team must consist of the following:

(1) Team Leader
(1) Warrior
(1) Smartypants
(1) Hottie
(1) Comic Relief

All your superteam members must be from DIFFERENT sources.


I edited this post, after a night’s sleep. Originally I had two teams, but I forgot one of the fundamental principles of hero teams is that the challenges posed to the team will only tax the team’s resources and abilities, so the really important factor is, “What team would *you* like to see in action against appropriate foes?”. Plus, I read Corey’s post, and he’s 100% correct, Nick Charles is a must-have member.

Revised Team

Team Leader: Jim Phelps, Mission Impossible
Warrior: Lee, Enter The Dragon
Smartypants: Nick Charles, The Thin Man Movies
Hottie: Emma Peel, The Avengers
Comic Relief: Simon Dermott, How to Steal a Million

I’ll give credit to Corey, for awakening my brain, and also credit to both children, who actually slept through the night last night, resulting in my first night in three weeks when I not only got more than 6 hours of sleep (8+!), but there was actually a 6 hour BLOCK of uninterrupted rest.

Why this team? Jim Phelps orchestrated some of the biggest cons in TV history. Jim’s a calculating planner, has excellent attention to detail, and doesn’t micromanage his IMF teams. He picks the experts and lets them do their thing. Lee, well… you never know when the villain you topple has an army of say 200 black-clad martial artists. Everyone on this team (with the exception of Simon) has demonstrated an ability to handle themselves against bad guys, but Lee could look at an onrushing horde and say, “You go ahead, I’ll delay them here” to the rest of the team (of course, Ms. Peel would would join him, and probably bail him out at least once). Nick is the classical wiseacre, a brilliant detective, handy with a pistol or his fists, and able to think on his feet, so he’d be invaluable if the Orchestrated Plan didn’t work. Ms. Peel is smart, a vicious fighter, tenacious, and an excellent detective in her own right – also a good head under chaos. Finally, Simon is a forensic chemist specializing in art forgery, able to come up with improvised plans on a shoestring budget, and he fits the classic role of comic relief as his response to danger is to crack a joke.

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On the Nightstand – Two Minute Rule   1 comment

Robert Crais. Like most of the Elvis Cole books, it moves. I’m a big fan of this particular style of crime fiction. Not as gritty as Michael Connelly. Not as disturbing as Minette Walters. Not as soul-numbingly depressing as John D. MacDonald. Not as funny as Carl Hiaasen.

But, all four of those things, in an excellent blend. Can’t wait for Joe Pike to come out in paperback.

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If you missed this Internet phenomena, you missed a good one.

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Creative Commons – Online KM book   Leave a comment

Download free to anyone who registers. I’ve got a copy, a review to follow…

[updated 21:53 pm]

I recommend it. The book consists of a collection of case studies of KM adoption by various organizations. I’ve read four of them so far, and each one has had something unique to offer, which indicates that the editors and contributors did a good job of integration.

My favorite so far I’m reviewing for IS 371, “Knowledge Management for Organisations Dealing with Critical Incidents”, by Andrew Lewis and Ben Diamond.

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IS 371 Project Presentation Done   Leave a comment

My group is doing a design concept (i.e., no functional deliverable) for a social network analysis tool in our class this term. I finished the presentation for tomorrow night’s class at lunch today.

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