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Before I go to the trouble of setting up a blog on my own site, I’m trying out WP here.

I am Pat Cahalan, systems administrator, geek, husband, father of two, and general all around good egg. If you’d like to contact me, my current employer is California Institute of Technology, you can find my work contact information on their website.

Me & Jack (I’m the one with the gray hair):

Me & The Whole Famdambily:

Posted March 23, 2007 by padraic2112

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  1. The man posing on this page-blog is obviously CIA. Key-give-a-ways: 1.) The Site-Name “Pat’s Daily Grind” (unimaginative, innocent sounding enough, and obviously chosen to set one at ease). 2.) geek– good egg– systems administrator: (another attempt to dis-arm the unsuspecting victims of international intrigue). 3.) A wife and two perfect kids with a dog in the snow: (absolute the dead give away). This man’s real name is Gustave Salamackian– friend of Kiser-Sosay– enemy of all God-fearing men. Beware!!! Protect your children from this site!!! Secure your valuables and lock the dead-bolt upon the door!!! It’s going to be a bad winter!!!

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