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People (friends, ex-coworkers, and coworkers):








  • Manager-Tools : practical podcasts for non-MBA trained managers.
  • Scott Berkun : Author of O’Reilly’s PM book. His pmclinic mailing list is recommended.
  • RandsinRepose : Software Development project management, catered to those who are in innovation-driven arenas
  • SearchCIO : The techtarget sites (searchcio, searchsecurity, etc) are all quite good. The mail lists are a little too high-volume to recommend, however.



These are web pages, blogs, or other places that I find interesting, that aren’t related to (a) work (b) technology (c) business or (d) law and/or poltics.


I can’t deny it, I’m a geek. I like some geeky things. Actually, I like a lot of geeky things. This is a list of my favorites in a particular class of geeky thing. Webcomics merit their own page because I visit them frequently, so I want the links readily accessible, and I’m integrating “managing bookmarks” as a function of this blog.

Posted June 19, 2007 by padraic2112

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