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Megan and Ann always do Theme Thursdays, and I’m always a day late.  Usually because Thursdays are the busiest day of my week, due to meetings.

I read Wendy Harrison’s blog.  I don’t remember how I found it; I think it may have been one of those wordpress dashboard moments where she was one of the last “10 posters” or something, and the title (being about some sort of yummy food, a common topic) caught my eye.

There are four reasons to read her blog.  One, if you like food (and the preparation thereof) she posts lots of really cool recipies along with really salivation-inducing photos of the end product.  Two, she’s a really good photographer in general and visually speaking her blog is always fun to look at.  Three, she likes dogs.  Finally, she lives in Scotland and if you’ve never been the countryside photos often include shots like this one:

This is a picture that blows my mind.  I’ve never lived in a place where it snows.  I’ve been in the snow of course, but only in a few different places that have snow.. and they tend to be either high mountains with conifers, or urban areas like New York.  The thought of “leaves changing colors” intersecting with “snow on the ground” is just cool.

See, there’s disadvantages to living your entire life in California…

Posted November 14, 2008 by padraic2112 in Theme Thursday

7 responses to “Leaves

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  1. The advantage to having lived your entire life in California is that you can look at that picture and think “cool leaves changing color + snow on the ground.” I look at that picture and think it’s pretty but then start feeling cold and crabby and thinking about all the things I hate about winter and snow. Actually it’s probably just the pastoral nature of the photo that evokes that. I liked winter better when I lived in Madison than when I lived with my parents. That’s probably because I had good heat and my life was lived on foot instead of in a car so unless there was a lot of ice too my travels did not become significantly more dangerous with the weather. These days thoughts of snow just bring up all the logistical issues with even getting to/from my parents’ place.

  2. disadvantages like dying of emphasyma 7 years before you really should.

  3. I really like that picture. A lot.

  4. > disadvantages like dying of emphasyma 7 years before you really should.

    Now, Vinnie, as I recall, you and Hammer had a date with a Jeep CJ-7 and a cliff seven years ago or thereabouts, so you’re already alive 7 years longer than you should be…

  5. @ Meg:

    Add it to the project.

  6. No, it was a motorcycle…. and it was all Vinny. I had planned to be retired on a N.M. hideaway two years ago. I hadn’t approved any plan to off me with a CJ. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one!

  7. You just made my night. Thank you. 🙂

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