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I Blame Megan II   2 comments

Following up Megan’s pointing me to Caffeinated Joe‘s tumblr/blogmeme… she’s keeping it up, I’m right on it.

Day Two: Favourite Movie

This one is easy. As I implied back in this post (other good candidates there)…

Wow, what a cruddy trailer!

I’ve watched this movie too many times to keep track.  It’s got everything you want in pure cinema entertainment.  Romance, comedy, suspense, action, drama, even a dash of horror.  Spielberg, Ford, and Lucas: not one of the three has matched it since.  In fact, not one of the three has matched it *ever*, although they’ve all come close at least once (Spielberg and Lucas once each, Ford three times).

Part of this undoubtedly has to do with the impressionable quality of the 10-year-old mind.  It’s quite unlike any other period in your life.  Favorite movie is not an objectively measurable target, tough patootie.  Raiders is the best.

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I Blame Megan   3 comments

Megs pointed me at Caffeinated Joe, who was running a month-long short-answer meme.  (It’s basically twittering on your blog.)

Megan decided to do the same idea, in June instead of April.  In the interest of stimulating the writer’s part of the brain, I’m in.  I will of course blather on…

Day One: Favourite Actor

Archibald Alexander Leach, who you probably know better under is nom de guerre of

First actor to go independent of the major studios, when he formed his own production company (a decision that may have been one of the root causes of him never winning an Oscar for Best Actor).  Favorite actor of Howard Hawks, who said “so far the best that there isn’t anybody to be compared to him”.

Take that, Megan, the director of two of Bogey’s greatest films likes my pick better… even if the AFI gives Bogart #1 and Grant #2.  Interestingly, I didn’t know who the AFI top ten were until I was writing this post… Astaire?  Really?

Favorite actor of Alfred Hitchcock, who said, “the only actor I ever loved in my whole life”.  There are several tributes to Cary on YouTube, here’s one narrated by Michael Caine:

Ian Fleming partially modeled James Bond after Cary Grant.  Cary was considered for Dr. No, but passed over because he would only sign a deal for one picture.

Married five times, rumored to be either gay or bisexual, a Republican who condemned McCarthyism and advocated gun control, guaranteeing lurid tabloid coverage… which is a secondary responsibility of your cultural icons, right?  Was awarded the King’s Medal in 1947 for “outstanding service to the British War Relief Society.”, but it’s been claimed that the award was instead for spying on Nazi sympathizers in Hollywood.  True or not?

Who cares?  He was Cary Grant!

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Theme Thursday: Swing (and Clock)   4 comments

I missed last Thursday (clock), and I’m late this week.  Apologies to the other TT bloggers.

In 1952 a man named Bernard Malamud wrote a book about a baseball player.  The book was adapted in 1984 and made into a movie.  Hold off on the links!

I’ve read the book, and seen the movie, and this is one of those cases where a movie adaptation has a pretty major departure from the book that foundationally changes the message you get when you walk away from the art itself.  Some critics of the movie really don’t like the difference; the message in the book is certainly more complex and darker than what you get from watching the movie.

However, I think this is one of those times when the two products are of equal merit.  The movie is obviously over-the-top “feel good”; but it’s designed for a completely different audience than the book, so I don’t think of this as a detraction.  It’s just different.

Have you guessed yet how this ties into the theme for this week?

Almost at the very end of the movie is the scene that marks the departure from the novel.  In the book, Hobbs throws the game, throws away the payoff as a gesture, ruins his career, and breaks down on the last pages.  In the movie, this happens:

… and then the movie wraps up with sweetness and light.  It’s a fluffy ending, absolutely… but so’s the ending of “Rudy”.

There’s two swings in this clip, the swing that breaks Wonder Boy (the first bat), and the swing that brings on the stirring part of the Randy Newman soundtrack.  I leave it to the reader to decide which is more significant, in the frame of the movie.

[edited to add]

And here’s a handy clip germane to last week’s Theme Thursday, almost as if I planned it this way:

My favorite part in this scene is the old man, giving the hand sign after the hit.  I don’t know who that extra was, or if the guy was a professional actor, but he stole that scene.

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Theme Thursday: Suitcase   7 comments

The suitcase, the briefcase, the trunk.  Often times it’s the focus of a murder mystery or suspense thriller.  In Pulp Fiction, Vincent and Jules were tasked at recovering the mysterious briefcase, whose contents are forever the speculation of Tarantino fans.  In Ronin, everyone was trying to get “the case”; another instance where the audience is drawn into the story following a container whose contents are forever unknown.

My favorite mysterious case movie is a very unknown silly movie called The Double McGuffin, a Joe Camp (yes, the Benji guy) movie.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s hilarious.  In that movie, the briefcase is the subject of much shenanigans, and it contains… well, I won’t tell you what it contains at various parts of the movie because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it takes a different tack from those previous two movies: they’re constantly showing you what’s in the case, but it’s usually not what you expect to be in there at the time.

I recommend it.  I’d write more about it, but I had 10 hours sleep last night for the first time in 6 years, and I’m rushing to get ready to due Parental Duty for my last iteration at Jack’s preschool.  More later!

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It’s Very Beautiful, and Very Cold, and You’re Not Allowed to *Touch* Anything   Leave a comment

Cameron’s house is for sale.

4 Bed, 4 Bath | 5,300 Sq Ft on 0.75 Acres (32,670 Sq Ft Lot) – $2,300,000


I’m not 100% sure, but that photo of the garage looks like it is actually a cut from the movie.  Seems a bit pricey for a house in this market, but if you can scratch up another $10,000,000 or so, you can actually re-enact the “kick the car through the garage” scene.  Sure, $12.5 million seems like a lot to vent out some buried parent issues, but if you filmed it and popped it up on YouTube, you’d be an Internet Sensation, and who can put a price tag on that?

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Star Trek   Leave a comment

It was a perfectly acceptable reboot, I thought.  I’ll tell Jack it’s definitely not his father’s Star Trek, but it was entertaining.  I thought the cast did a pretty good job of putting their own mark on their characters while still giving little nods to previous performers (the Bones was a bit creaky, but then Bones *is* a bit creaky, so I don’t know that it’s fair to be overly critical).

I do have one serious complaint, however.  To J.J. – Dude, this isn’t television.  People aren’t watching this on their HD DVR and taking screen captures and pointing out ridiculous little details on fanzone sites.  It’s a movie.  You don’t need to barf that much detail in your CGI’d special effects… we can’t really see it.  For example… that alien bugaboo monster with the “John Carpenter’s The Thing”-style mouth that spent its 30 seconds of screen time gesticulating and gyrating like a squid on a hot plate?  Ease off on the hi-res spastic effects, please.  Especially if you’re going to shoot the sequel.  Your ship-to-ship combat sequences were okay, but we really didn’t need to see *that* much debris.  I know you’re not a “fan” (you took great pains to repeat that during filming in a way that annoyed everybody that loved the series), but take two hours out and watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  The battle between the Enterprise and the Reliant is *still* the best space combat sequence put on film.

Aside from that complaint, I thought you did a pretty good job for a starting film in a reboot.  It’s not the starting film that’s going to get you, though… now you need to make the next one better than this one.  Wishing you luck.

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Fast First Ten   2 comments

From Megan… “Via Gatochy, the Ten Favorite Movie Characters meme. I had to do this quick and dirty, because if I think about it too much, I’…think too much!”.  I tried not to think too much about it, as well, which led to some interesting results…

Number One : Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.


“This is it… This is where Forrestall cashed in.”

Number Two : Nick Charles


“It’s not true. He didn’t come anywhere near my tabloids”.

Number Three : Jack Burton


“When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like that: “Have ya paid your dues, Jack?” “Yessir, the check is in the mail.””

Number Four : Lisa (Carol) Fremont


Lisa : “She’s not in love with any of them”

Jeff : “How can you tell?”

Lisa : “You said it resembled my apartment.”

Number Five : Hildy Johnson


To Walter, over the phone : “Now, get this, you double-crossing chimpanzee: There ain’t going to be any interview and there ain’t going to be any story. And that certified check of yours is leaving with me in twenty minutes. I wouldn’t cover the burning of Rome for you if they were just lighting it up. If I ever lay my two eyes on you again, I’m gonna walk right up to you and hammer on that monkeyed skull of yours ’til it rings like a Chinese gong!”

Number Six : Sam Spade


“You won’t need much of anybody’s help. You’re good. Chiefly your eyes, I think, and that throb you get in your voice when you say things like ‘Be generous, Mr. Spade.'”

Number Seven : Jonathan Brewster


Dr. Einstein: “You cannot count the one in South Bend. He died of pneumonia!”

Jonathan : “He wouldn’t have died of pneumonia if I hadn’t shot him!”

Number Eight : Jay Trotter


Ah, ah, ah…How much does forty-eight $50 win tickets on the three horse in the seventh race *pay*?

Number Nine : Claude Lebel


Minister: “How did you know whose telephone to tap?”

Claude Lebel (to the assembled 20 or so major political entities of France): “I didn’t, so I tapped them all.”

Number Ten : Cpt. Keith Mallory


You think you’ve been getting away with it all this time, standing by. Well, son… your bystanding days are over! You’re in it now, up to your neck! They told me that you’re a genius with explosives. Start proving it! You got me in the mood to use this thing, and by God, if you don’t think of something, I’ll use it on you!

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Someone Else Has Movie Tourettes   2 comments

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You are Number Six.   1 comment

Patrick McGoohan died today.

So did Ricardo Montalban.

Here’s one of my favorite Ricardo parts, from the movie Battleground (1:04).

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Andy Wants This   2 comments

So does Justin, I imagine.  From TK560:

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