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Suppose You Get Hit By A Truck   Leave a comment

Sitting here in class (Crisis Management, so far a fun class!), I was struck by an observation that you, general public, may find useful.

Every competent information technology professional I’ve ever met has uttered the phrase, “So what happens when (foo) gets hit by a truck?”  If your IT people don’t ever ask you that question, you may want to look into hiring some new IT people.


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Mobile Device Apps for Emergencies – iResus   Leave a comment

Original source: The Mirror

Found via EMS Village.

An iPhone application which could save the lives of hundreds of heart attack victims a year has been invented by a British medic.

The free iResus app gives on-screen, step-by-step guidance to resuscitation in emergencies.  It has already been downloaded 5,000 times despite having only been available for three weeks.

Developed by Dr Daniel Low, a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, the app asks users a series of questions about the victim and provides instructions on giving the kiss of life.

It even tells how many chest compressions to perform and uses a metronome to ensure their timing is correct.

Dr Low, who has worked alongside air ambulance helicopter pilots using instruction cards to guide them through emergencies, realised a similar system could also help medics and the general public when faced with a cardiac arrest.

He said yesterday: “Even though doctors and nurses are trained to deal with someone having a cardiac arrest, it’s not a situation they face every day. I thought both medics and patients would benefit from an application such as this.”

Dr Low developed the app with an expert in computer software design and has produced two versions – one for medics and one for untrained members of the public.

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