I’m Not Dead   3 comments

This has been an ugly month and a half.

Coworker Dave and I have a number of huge projects going on at work. I’m taking Financial Accounting through the Drucker School for my IS cognate minor at CGU (and while it’s really fascinating and I’m enjoying the subject, I also have very little accounting background so even though the math is blindingly easy, grokking the context is taking a huge amount of study). Just finished CERT Level I training. Kitty’s on the board at Hannah’s nursery school, on the PTA at Jack’s school, and volunteering to help set up a science room there as well. We’re still on the board for our neighborhood association. The house has been on the market (instant update: in the middle of writing this post, the really nice couple that saw the house a couple of days ago accepted our counteroffer, hot damn!) so we’ve had to keep it constantly in “show” state for the last 8 weeks. Now of course thanks to that instant update, we don’t have to keep the house is show condition any more but we’ve got to find a place to which we’d like to move, and pack. Oh, my God. We have to pack.

I feel like Norman in The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming! – We’ve GOT TO GET ORGANIZED!


Posted October 25, 2010 by padraic2112 in noise

3 responses to “I’m Not Dead

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  1. I volunteer to watch the kids on moving day!

    (Heh, see what I did there?)

  2. Oh, if I could even count on one hand what I’m owed!

    But anyway. Of course. We’ll dig ditches. We’ll haul rocks. With which to bury and cover over the stuff you really don’t want to take with you…

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