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Day Eighteen: Favorite Board Game

This is a tough question.  I *love* games (more on family game dynamic over at Meg’s post).  Saying “pick your favorite board game” is way too general.

Favorite two person game?  Backgammon.  Both strategic and tactical, with a large luck impact, but the game goes so fast you can play a dozen times in short order.  Long games with a large luck factor (e.g., Monopoly)… annoying.  Short games with a large luck factor, fun!  Play again!  I’ll beat you 8 of 12!

Favorite three player game?  Pinochle (not technically a board game, obviously).  Carcassone might be a good contender, I haven’t played it as a three-player game enough to know for sure.  Cribbage is fun with three players, as well… most good three player games are card games.

Favorite four player game?  Acquire.  Doesn’t matter how much time you have to play games, you can always sneak in a game or two of Acquire.

Favorite five player game?  Settlers of Catan is great fun, but if you have more than 5 players, it starts to run too long and then the luck/strategy balance gets out of whack.  Rail Baron is good with five players, it’s too weak with four and too lucky with six.

Favorite six player game?  Illuminati or Diplomacy.  Illuminati is outrageous fun, as is Diplomacy, but they’re both the sort of games that encourage the most ruthless possible zero-sum game behavior.  In other words, don’t play it with people who aren’t very good friends, or fisticuffs might break out.  Actually, fisticuffs might break out anyway.  They’re that sort of game.  There is no “good sportsmanship” in either, you must break alliances and trust and gut your opponent as mercilessly as Ming if you want to win.

Favorite seven player game?  Pictured above, Civilization (Advanced Civilization is actually better, but I played Civilization first).  Very strategic, but the main way to win is to haggle your butt off in the resource trading, and there’s lots of interesting dynamics involved there.  Very close runner up is Arkham Horror, which is a cooperative game and requires good team play to win, very much the antithesis of Illuminati and Diplomacy.


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2 responses to “There Can Be Only One!

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  1. You know, after I posted I kept wanting to go back and edit to add Civilization? But I figured you’d handle that one…

  2. When we get the survivalist enclave going, we have some cool ideas. Though Candyland isn’t really my thing, how about doing this for Risk? Or for Arkham Horror….in the dark.

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