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Original source: The Mirror

Found via EMS Village.

An iPhone application which could save the lives of hundreds of heart attack victims a year has been invented by a British medic.

The free iResus app gives on-screen, step-by-step guidance to resuscitation in emergencies.  It has already been downloaded 5,000 times despite having only been available for three weeks.

Developed by Dr Daniel Low, a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, the app asks users a series of questions about the victim and provides instructions on giving the kiss of life.

It even tells how many chest compressions to perform and uses a metronome to ensure their timing is correct.

Dr Low, who has worked alongside air ambulance helicopter pilots using instruction cards to guide them through emergencies, realised a similar system could also help medics and the general public when faced with a cardiac arrest.

He said yesterday: “Even though doctors and nurses are trained to deal with someone having a cardiac arrest, it’s not a situation they face every day. I thought both medics and patients would benefit from an application such as this.”

Dr Low developed the app with an expert in computer software design and has produced two versions – one for medics and one for untrained members of the public.


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