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Following up Megan‘s pointing me to Caffeinated Joe‘s tumblr/blogmeme… (Kitty‘s doing it now, too)

Day Seven: Favourite TV Show

If you’re one of the few who routinely reads this blog, you may expect me to pick a 70s Cop Show, The Six Million Dollar Man, Mythbusters, The Prisoner, Top Gear, Star Trek or Space:1999.  Maybe Holmes on Homes or Firefly or Babylon 5.  Oh, wait (you say), it’s Mission: Impossible, isn’t it?  Ah-ha, gotcha Pat!

Nope!  All good candidates (fwiw, Mission:Impossible and The Streets of San Francisco tie for second), but I confess the top slot is animated.

Back in the days before DVRs, you had to record things on VHS tapes.  When this show was on, we had a VCR, but due to some now-forgotten technical problem, the timer didn’t work.  So in order to tape it, I had to be home from 3:30 until 4:00pm every day, from 03/04/1985 to 04/22/1985.  The second series ran from 04/23/1985 to 05/24/1985, and the last one from 05/27/1985 to 06/28/1985.  I missed three episodes of the original 36, something that made my brain itch until the show finally came out on DVD.

Realize that this basically killed my after-school trips to the comic book store for four months, catching the newest editions of whatever required serious sacrifice on one side or the other.  This was a catastrophic problem for a middle-class 13-year-old nerd in the mid-80s.

Jack’s not quite old enough to watch it.  Yet.  Starblazers first aired on May 8th 1979, I wasn’t yet 8; it was age-appropriate.  Jack just turned 6.  Soon!


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