I Blame Megan III   1 comment

Following up Megan‘s pointing me to Caffeinated Joe‘s tumblr/blogmeme…

Day Three: Favourite Musician

Argh, this is harder.  My musical tastes are pretty varied, so it’s difficult to tag a particular musician as being my favorite unless I limit myself to genre-specific types of music.  If I’m absolutely forced to pick just one, I’ll go with…


Okay, that’s actually three guys.  When you’re talking about music, song production is usually a synergy.  You couldn’t pick John Lennon; you’d have to pick The Beatles.  Megan’s pick is fine (I was tempted to pick Beethoven), but this isn’t about who I think is the best, it’s who is my favorite.  I listen to a Rush song almost every day, I can’t say that about anything else in my music collection.


Posted June 4, 2010 by padraic2112 in memes, music

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  1. Ha, couldn’t get nazi’s in this one! I mean, I don’t think that is depicting the looting of the art treasures of Europe in WWII.

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