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I love mysteries.  I love hard-boiled detective fiction, whodunits, and campy mysteriocomedies.  Gimme all if it, Miss Marple, Peter Death Bredon Whimsey, Sam Spade, Elvis Cole, Bernie Rhodenbarr, Hieronymous Bosch, Travis McGee, Irwin Maurice Fletcher, Francis Xavier Flynn, Philip Marlowe, I could go on and on and on… in novel form or short story, on the little screen or deep in the bowels of a dark cinema.  The kids are into the original Scooby Doo episodes right now, and as campy and silly as they are, it’s been a good lead-in to explaining to Jack what that big chunk of brown- and blue-bound books are and why he wants to read them…

I read those Hardy Boys books, from The Tower Treasure to The Sting of the Scorpion (all 58 stories) before I started third grade, most of the first 38 in the original runs prior to the re-writes.  I still have most of them, having survived the cycle of being loaned out to, and returned from, avid younger readers.  I’m looking forward to reading Jack those crazy cliff-hanger end-of-chapter pages!

As cheesy as the television series was at times, it still had that late-70s trend towards awesome intros.  Orson, you da man.


6 responses to “Theme Thursday: Mystery

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  1. ha. i remember that show! my boys love scooby doo! happy tt!

  2. All those shows are very popular among the younger than tween set. I love a good mystery too! Nice theme thursday!

  3. I love a good mystery and was sad when Gregory McDonald died leaving Fletch and Flynn feeling unfinished. I’m reading the latest Bosch right now and Cole floats my boat. Have you checked out Robert Crais’ stand-alone series for Joe Pike? Awesome stuff. Great choice for TT.

  4. fun stuff,
    I love the show,
    so do my kids.
    Happy Thursday!

  5. God I loved that show. We never missed an episode. Thanks for posting the intro! And the box of Nancy Drew is still in my closet for when Hannah is ready for them.

    @Cheryl – I met Robert Crais at the LA Times Book Fair one year and got a Pike book signed for Pat. He (Crais) was so happy I wanted a personal message and not just a signature.

  6. I must be weird. I dislike kid spies and mystery brats.

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