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Dr. Rob over at Distractible Mind has unwittingly written a more universal post than he may have thought he was.

Go read it.  Then copy it into a word processor, and do a search/replace on the word “doctor” with “IT person”.  Or “car mechanic”.  Or “plumber”.  Or “contractor”.  Then replace “patient” with “customer”.

You don’t need to tweak it very much more.  Nice post, DR.  Doctors aren’t the same as other service personnel, of course, for obvious reasons… but in the general sense, people don’t want to hire an expert in any field only to have the expert treat them like a set of boxes on a checklist.


Posted April 1, 2010 by padraic2112 in management

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  1. That’s why I hate going to the plumber’s office. But I do see the parallel.

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