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From Coderoom, a post entitled:

3 Simple Rules That Will Make You a ‘Superstar’ Developer

Read the whole thing, if you run any sort of technical or programming project team.  From the end of the post:

Postscript for the naive: This post is a mild satire on programming in teams. These three rules, while undoubtedly effective, are evil. They harm overall project progress for your own benefit. They don’t make you a better programmer intrinsically, only compared to the rest of your team. You may, like I and countless others, have done something like this completely innocently in the past, when you didn’t know better. Now you know better.

Postscript for project managers: If your environment meets the grounds for the Two Fundamental Principles, then you will get programmers playing The Game and your project will suffer. Change the rules. Make sure that programmers are recognised for playing nicely with each other’s code, for working in small teams on larger problems. That rewriting for the sake of it is frowned upon, or that the bugs it introduces are traced back to the rewrite that caused them. I don’t know what the right way to get away from this is. If you do then please, for the love of all projects everywhere, leave a comment!

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3 responses to “Useful Satire

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  1. Sorry…I couldn’t read it. Reminded me too much of my former life as a project manager at Nike. Man I don’t miss the information technology sector!

  2. I’ve never managed a dev team; are people who manage coders really this clueless?

  3. And if you’re web developing . . .don’t bother testing in dev before you launch and make sure that your site only works in one browser. Preferably an old version of ie.

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