28 Days Later   3 comments

Okay, it’s actually 30 days after my last post.

December was a crazy month.  Work was a little nuts, my closing class was a little nuts, traveling to New Mexico for the holidays was a little nuts.  I actually love my in-laws, it’s just the logistics of a dog & two kids in a car for the two day drive there and two days back (especially with the little side adventures you have with car trips sometimes).  Unlike the Montana visits, Albuquerque doesn’t involve as many “go outside and play” moments, so the days aren’t as lazy and decompressive while you’re actually there.

I nursed some sort of congestion thing for a solid chunk of the month, didn’t sleep at all well, and generally was something of a grumpy ass.  Can’t say that I’m entirely over the grumpy attitude, as I’m still not getting enough sleep.  Tomorrow should be something of an “airing out” day, though.  The normal babysitter is coming during the day to earn her hours and Kitty is working, so I’m going to leave the house and go off for a while and have some alone time.  Unfortunately, no available James Bond movie this post-holiday season for just this sort of occasion.

I’ve decided that for the next couple of months I’m going to avoid commenting on political blogs; even on the quality blogs I’m starting to get too frustrated with the comment threads (this is a bipartisan frustration).  I’m probably going to stick with some creative writing for a while, to clear out the goobers in my brain. so sincere and abject apologies to anyone who reads this blog regularly for computer advice (pause for laughter).  I think I’ll start reading VE’s Fantastical Nonsense regularly again.

This turned out to be a rather unfocused and meandering post, but what can I say, I’m rusty… thanks to Kitty and Andy for reminding me that I had one of these blog thingies…

Posted January 17, 2010 by padraic2112 in noise

3 responses to “28 Days Later

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  1. Yay more blogging!

  2. Bravo. I’ve given up even /reading/ political blogs. (Except for 538 which still strikes me as interesting, but I wouldn’t touch the comment threads there with a ten-foot poll.)

  3. Welcome back.

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