Existence Statements & Probability   2 comments

Posted September 23, 2009 by padraic2112 in philosophy, science

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  1. God I bet you’re so much fun at parties! Thank goodness you’re the guy with the camera. Actually the birthday scenario I’ve heard before but I still maintain that the odds of finding people with September birthdays is huge. I have 7 in my immediate family alone. NYE is quite the romantic event for some!

  2. I can’t claim authorship of these (although I wish I had that accent). I do think they’re very well done, although I have some quibbles with some of his other videos.

    > NYE is quite the romantic event for some!

    Remember you’ve got culture bias there, though; the Chinese could care less about the New Year as we define it, and they outnumber us by a large factor 🙂 At least one study shows July, August, and September as being the most likely months for birthdays: http://mste.illinois.edu/courses/mat764fa03/folders/edwardssu/Tech_Port/ThesisPape05.html The sample size is small and may not correct for geographical distribution, but does cite other research showing that generally July represents the beginning of a birth rate upswing, which reaches its peak in September. This may support the hypothesis that Thanksgiving -> January 1st is the “optimal nookie window”, with holidays providing ambiance 😉

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