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If you want to see the problems inherent in a representative democracy, look no further than this story.

In March, two members of the Oakland (California) City Council finally resolved an epic and high-stakes legal battle after a fight that lasted three months and spawned a legal opinion by the city attorney.  The burning question: who was entitled to the parking space closest to the front door of City Hall.

Oakland, you see, has no other problems or difficulties of any kind that might require the government’s attention.

Councilmembers Jean Quan and Desley Brooks both coveted the “prized parking space” that, until late last year, had been clutched firmly in the steely grip of Councilmember Henry Chang.  When Chang announced his retirement, the two women good-naturedly flipped a coin to determine who would get the space.  Of course they didn’t do that.

Seriously, Oakland, eject these two people on the next election.  OUT.  Get them OUT.  If there was ever a better case to say, “Hm… methinks these two Councilmembers lack the ability to negotiate major issues”…

Tip o’ the hat to Corey.


Posted June 18, 2009 by padraic2112 in politics, rants

6 responses to “Oh. My. GOD.

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  1. I got it from Brad 😉

  2. The City Attorney didn’t charge the city for his time, did he?

  3. This happens all the time. We had a polly who threatened to sue the Federal Government Canteen because the serving they gave his WIFE (not a politician) . . was deemed too small. Fortunately, it hit the press and he didn’t take it further. You’re so right, what does it say about their powers of conciliation, negotiation etc.

  4. “Oakland, you see, has no other problems or difficulties of any kind that might require the government’s attention.”

    I like it. Dontcha know?

  5. I vote for public impaling. Let their rotting corpses be a reminder to not fuck with those who have given them authority. And give the parking space to a homeless family so that they can live there in their car, and the city council has to avert their eyes in shame everyday as they walk past. Let it be done! Vinnie has spoken.

  6. Vinnie,

    These two power hungry hose-ettes would fight over who got the more prominent pike.

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