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It was a perfectly acceptable reboot, I thought.  I’ll tell Jack it’s definitely not his father’s Star Trek, but it was entertaining.  I thought the cast did a pretty good job of putting their own mark on their characters while still giving little nods to previous performers (the Bones was a bit creaky, but then Bones *is* a bit creaky, so I don’t know that it’s fair to be overly critical).

I do have one serious complaint, however.  To J.J. – Dude, this isn’t television.  People aren’t watching this on their HD DVR and taking screen captures and pointing out ridiculous little details on fanzone sites.  It’s a movie.  You don’t need to barf that much detail in your CGI’d special effects… we can’t really see it.  For example… that alien bugaboo monster with the “John Carpenter’s The Thing”-style mouth that spent its 30 seconds of screen time gesticulating and gyrating like a squid on a hot plate?  Ease off on the hi-res spastic effects, please.  Especially if you’re going to shoot the sequel.  Your ship-to-ship combat sequences were okay, but we really didn’t need to see *that* much debris.  I know you’re not a “fan” (you took great pains to repeat that during filming in a way that annoyed everybody that loved the series), but take two hours out and watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  The battle between the Enterprise and the Reliant is *still* the best space combat sequence put on film.

Aside from that complaint, I thought you did a pretty good job for a starting film in a reboot.  It’s not the starting film that’s going to get you, though… now you need to make the next one better than this one.  Wishing you luck.


Posted May 19, 2009 by padraic2112 in movies

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