Theme Thursday Follow-Up #4   5 comments

Top Four Things I’m Really Bad At Doing

#4- Letting It Lie.

If I think something is wrong, it’s hard for me to let it go for the sake of harmony.  I can usually let it go for the short term, but eventually I’m going to say what I think needs to be said.

#3 – Losing recreational games gracefully.

I’m working on this, all the time.  I don’t want Jack and Hannah to be as ultracompetitive as I am when it comes to things that don’t matter.  I lose with good grace when I’m flatly beaten, that’s not a problem.  What I have an unreasonable level of attitude is losing when it is obvious that one or more of the other players isn’t playing to win, and their play results in my loss.  My friend Andy use to drive me nuts in high school; there were times when his entire strategy was not to win, but to make sure that I lost, largely because he knew it made me crazy.

#2 – Finishing small projects.

Tackling big projects, or anything to do with work, I do okay.  Anything that takes more than 4 hours, I’ll get ‘er done (except running the cables for the speakers under the house, that one keeps falling down the priority list, I don’t know why).  It’s the piles of things that take 15-45 minutes that I just can’t get around to clearing off my plate… at least not until they sum up to 5 hours worth of work and Kitty has the kids out of the house.  Little household fixits… I just have a hard time conquering the inertia.

#1 – Sports

Strategically, I’m no slouch.  I’m getting better at basketball, and I can swing a golf club with any other once-a-year-golfer (ie, not well)… but I had inner ear problems as a kid, and I grew upwards way too fast to have anything resembling coordination until I was a junior in high school.  By then I didn’t care enough to try.  As much as I love baseball and football, throwing the ball around with the youngster is going to be an exercise in combined high comedy.  Well, maybe that level of practice will advance me to the point where I can play softball without embarassing myself…


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  1. But you can ski!

  2. But knowing you’re bad at it is the first step to improving! 😀
    Happy Easter!

  3. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Jack doesn’t throw like a girl.

  4. Small projects are also an annoyance for me. For my motivation, small projects have to be listed. Then spending a day on X number of small projects is in itself a big project. And you can set a goal number for the day. It helps to group them by which tools you’ll need and to load up a tool tray or work box and start. This saves me trips back to the toolbox. Of course, I’d gladly trade you some of your small projects for just one of my larger ones right now!

  5. Project group also lets you combine trips to the hardware store. You shop based on the whole list. Start the jobs and if you need something else, go on to the next project, and sure enough you may need something else. Then you make one “go back trip” around lunchtime and maybe another just before dinner. These two trips also let you give Kitty a break from the perpetual motion of the little ones, or join you. Have you mastered car/cart/buy/eat/car trip to the hardware store?

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