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Top Two Pets I Won’t Let My Children Have

The assumption here – for my answer at least, run yours any way you please – is that they actually are animals that people (other than Michael Jackson) have as pets.

#1 : Scorpions

Yes, some people have them as pets.  I happen to think that they are very cool critters, myself, but I’m not allowing either of my children to own a pet that can poison themselves (or worse, some visiting child).  If you own an alligator, it’s kind of hard to misplace.  Same with a tiger or some other tom-fool predator (btw, yes I do think you’re crazy if you own anything in that general category).  Scorpions are small and can get out.  Not for children!

#2 : An octopus

I think octopi are just about the coolest animals ever, and would love to have one where my kids can see it routinely, because they are truly alien beings, unlike anything else kids have as pets.  However, octopi are really really smart, prone to escaping just about any habitat you try to devise to keep them confined, and will eventually effectively suicide trying to expand their range (they escape their pen, crawl around looking for another water area, can’t find one for the obvious reason, and dehydrate and asphyxiate).  I’m not big on anthropomorphism, I doubt they’re actually committing suicide, but it seems to be rather narcisstic to acquire a pet you can’t keep healthy.


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