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Ten is a fairly dependable number for us human types.  We have ten fingers, and ten toes, which is probably the reason why we use a base ten numbering system (can’t say “undoubtedly” because of those pesky Mayans and their base 60).  We make top ten lists of things we like, and top ten lists of things we don’t like.  We measure attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.  We rate movies on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s such a common social construct that we people make lists that *aren’t* some multiple of ten, it strikes us as weird.  Top 7 Lists?  They’re out there, but the always seem incomplete, don’t they?

Most people attach some sort of significance to their decade birthdays (at least, the 30th, 40th, and 50th ones), and their decade anniversaries (10th High School Reunion, 20th Wedding Anniversary). People sometimes mix and match these social norms and come up with things like, “10 things to do before I turn 30”.

Of course there’s an inherent silliness to all this; if there really *are* 7 most important things in your life, or if your 18th Anniversary party is the most memorable, bending or warping those things to fit in the arbitrary framework of decades or top ten lists is just one step removed from numerology… but humans are pretty good at being silly from time to time, and for the most part it is a harmless exercise.

But I’m rambling.  I’ll blame the web server that crashed at 5:30 this morning and required me to get up well before I was ready, willing, or even really able.  In honor of the silliness of 10 and Theme Thursday, I give you my Top Ten “Top Not Ten Lists to Complete Before You Turn Fifty.”  Meme-ify it if you have nothing better to do today 🙂

  1. Top One Vacation Destination to Visit If I’m Confined To A Wheelchair
  2. Top Two Pets I Won’t Let My Children Have
  3. Top Three Things Upon Which I’m Willing To “Put My Foot Down”
  4. Top Four Things I’m Really Bad At Doing
  5. Top Five “Top Ten Lists” That I Found Outrageously Wrong
  6. Top Six Gender-Appropriate Outfits I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing In Public (pics required)
  7. Top Seven Reasons I Don’t Like Something (your choice)
  8. Top Eight Albums To Torture Me With On A Desert Island For Eternity
  9. Top Nine Movies I’m Glad Are Not Historical Documentaries Starring Me
  10. Top Ten Eleven Non-Family Members I Would Put On My “Survive The Zombie Apocalypse” Team

Posted April 2, 2009 by padraic2112 in humor, Theme Thursday

10 responses to “Theme Thursday: Ten

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  1. 1. discovery cove to swim with dolphins
    2. tarantula and king cobra
    3. injustice, disrespect, a good hiking path
    4. cleaning, opinionating, thinking of things to type…
    5. n/a
    6. not afraid of this one…
    7. lima beans – texture, taste, color, force feeding, they are of the devil, make me gag, smell
    8. back street boys, NSYNC, britany spears, hannah montana…
    9. Liar, Liar, Dan in Real Life, Barney’s Great Adventure, Rose Red, 12 Monkeys….
    10. Mike, Jon, Brian, Brian, Darrik, Steve, Sheri, Tammy, Jankie, Katie

    Ran out of time to finish…fun post.

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  3. Nice ones. I might just do them. On a day when I don’t have better things to do. I know for sure that Andy, Trina, Hammer, Greg and Vinnie are in on that last one, though.

  4. Very interesting… Might have to do them. You took a Theme Thursday and created a new meme! Multi-tasking!

  5. I never thought about base ten being based on fingers or toes. I totally think you are right!!

  6. Your list of lists is inspired, absolutely inspired. I may be compelled to do #s 3 and 4 sometime soon. Hilarious, all of them.

  7. Since I’m over 50 I don’t have a to do or not to do list. I just do what I please at the time I decide to do or not do whatever it is.

  8. This will come in handy…

  9. Hello Padraig!
    Food for thought- I might give these a go sometime! But I am curious to know…what would your answers be?

  10. I am particularly curious about what your number six list is. I do not have pictures for them, but here’s my stab at it:

    A playboy bunny outfit. Ironically or not, you would not catch me dead in one. Similarly, one of those retarded outfits women wear when tapdancing that involves tails and a tux on top, and high-cut dance trunks (“bathing suit bottoms” to all the non-fashionistas out there) on the bottom.
    A pastel suit, made of polyester. I *might* wear a pastel suit if it were Chanel. But *only* if it were Chanel, and even then it’s only a maybe.
    One of those squaredancing dresses old ladies wear. With big hair.
    Any dress that involves two wide panels passing over my boobs and plunging down to reveal my belly button. Like that ugly haute couture shit Deborah Messing loves.
    A tube top.
    Shiny, opaque, skin-colored tights.

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