Theme Thursday: Glass   8 comments

This is one of the songs that I would play at my own wake:

The Parting Glass, Traditional Irish Folk Song

Oh all the money that ere I had… I spent it in good company.
And of all the harm that ere I did… alas was done to none but me.
And all I’ve done for want of wit… to memory now I cannot recall.
So fill me to the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all.

Oh all the comrades that ere I had… they’re sorry for my going away,
And all the sweethearts that ere I had… they wish me one more day to stay,
But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise while you should not,
I will gently rise and I’ll softly call, “Goodnight and joy be with you all!”

Oh, if I had money enough to spend… and leisure time to sit awhile
There is a fair maid in this town… that sorely has my heart beguiled
Her rosey cheeks and ruby lips… alone she has my heart in thrall.
So fill me to the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all.

… and then I went and read Megan’s Theme Thursday and she talked about writing a post about this song in the comments to her own post.  Sheesh, you can’t bogart *two* ideas for Theme Thursday, you misbegotten reprehensibilite you!


Posted March 5, 2009 by padraic2112 in Theme Thursday

8 responses to “Theme Thursday: Glass

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  1. I can just about see you all, especially your dad, singing this song after a day of barbequing and a friendly night of drinking.

  2. No one’s ever called me a misbegotten reprehensibilite before. I like it! Joy be to you, too, my brother!

  3. One for the road, anyway, Sláinte. Megan could have TOASTED, but she missed her opportunity.

  4. Well…technically YOU wouldn’t play it at your wake…

  5. So fill me to the parting glass.

    If I drank more than once every few years, I guess that is what I would want “them” to play at my wake.

    Well if I had a wake, I tell the family to just save their money, cause I will not have any to pay for a wake or a funeral. Just take my ashes to the ocean and blow them to the wind. Do the fish eat those ashes? Okay, maybe not the ocean. Just blowin in the wind. That should be what happens to me in the end.

  6. I just love this.

  7. To thy lips now…

  8. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing and all hail the “misbegotten reprehensibilite.”

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