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Today’s Theme is “Toy”.

Here’s some of my favorites from when I was a kid, in no particular order.  I picked these for particular memories, some of my other favorite toys that were more “workaday” are therefore left for some other post.

DARK TOWER – Mentioned for Greg

Greg Riopel owned this.  I can’t count the number of times we played it.  I still remember these sounds.

LAZER TAG – Mentioned for Andy

I even had this one:

I still have the pistol (I think it might even work), but the rifle is long gone.  I wonder what happened to it?

TINKER TOYS – Mentioned just for Me

I loved these, I must have made a million improbable constructs out of them.  They’re still available, some day I’ll get Jack a set, methinks.

THE GUYS – Mentioned for Megan

I had quite a few Star Wars Action Figures.  Megan and I invented somewhere on the order of 50 different games using them as pieces.  I had a bunch of the vehicles, as well, from the AT-AT to the Falcon, and even at one point the Death Star (which was destroyed rather rapidly).  Oddly enough, Greg and I had almost no intersection when it came to the ships, he had the X-wing and the Tie fighter and the landspeeder.  Funny, I don’t know that we ever put them all together and played with them in a bunch.


Stupidly entertaining.  One of the best games that bridged the gap between my younger brother and I with our almost 5 year age difference.  Tom, we’re going to have to buy one of these and play again!

M.U.S.C.L.E. GUYS -Mentioned for Marc

Another toy that was usable in a bunch of various organically grown games.  Marc and I played with these silly things for hours, we had a rather involved set of rules about stats and combat abilities involving bags of dice.  I wonder if Marc still has any of these?  They’re apparently a collector’s item now…

EAGLE-1 – Mentioned for Doug Wedge

Quite possibly the coolest toy ever.  It was HUGE, two and a half feet long.  I watched the show because of this toy, even though the show was largely incomprehensible to someone who was five at the time.

I’ve spent about an hour trying to dredge my brain for toys that remind me particularly of Ann, and I can’t think of one.  That’s actually unsurprising, since Ann was either playing with Sara or Caitlin (with whatever toy was popular for their age group at the time) and ignoring the boys altogether, or the older kids were off ignoring the youngest kids.  By the time Ann was old enough to savvy games that I found fun, I was off on my bike at Greg or Andy or Marc’s house.  Still, that makes me sad.  I feel like I owe Ann a fun toy memory.


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  1. I have to admit it was a tossup last night if I posted the picture I did, or the one of us (at the same house, of course!) playing with Tinker Toys. The one where I’m disconnecting a small piece with my teeth?

  2. Look at these wonderful wonderful things! My sis and I loved many of these too. I wish I could jump into the pic and play with the Tinkertoys…just for a moment!

  3. amazing. i had forgotten about muscle men. lol. I played a lot of similar games and with similar toys. thats for the walk down memory lane.

  4. Somewhere in my parents’ garage are my old Tinkertoys and a mechano set. Assuming they aren’t mildewed and rusted beyond use, we should find them for Jack.

  5. umm, sorry, I meant for Jack AND HANNAH!!!

  6. Don’t feel bad Pat. I broke the muffler on your Optimus Prime, and I used to cry to mom until she made you let me paint one of your game figurines.
    Anyway, you taught me how to shuffle!

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