F is for Funkalicious   3 comments

From Meg, something she picked up on over at Life in Progress. Simple rules – the blogger provides you with a letter, and you have to come up with 10 words starting with that letter that mean something to you.

Without further ado…

  1. Frankenstein.  One of my favorite old-timey horror movies.
  2. Frisbee.  I tried to get Duffy to be a frisbee dog, it failed miserably.  He likes chasing balls, though.
  3. Functional.  I like objects that not only have a purpose, but are designed well.  Features aren’t as important as function.
  4. Fireworks.  Next to astronaut, pyrotechnician is the coolest job ever.
  5. Flapjacks.  I love my wife’s pancakes.
  6. Fantasy.  I’m immensely practical when it comes to work, school, and home life.  When I’m looking for entertainment, I usually want an element of fantasy.  Give me something unreal.
  7. Fan.  I don’t like still air.  When it comes to my personal space, I’ll often have a fan running unless it’s going to bother someone else.
  8. Frammistat.  I make up words a lot, especially when goofing around with the kids.  I think it might be a genetic disease, Dad has a fairly advanced case.
  9. Firefly.  I’ve never seen one.  I’ve always wondered what a small swarm of them would look like.
  10. Family. Kitty suggested this, as I was having a brainfreeze (“f” is harder than I thought) … but it’s perfect. I’m close to my siblings and my parents, I adore my wife and my kids, and I’ve melded in with my in-laws. Family, extended or otherwise, are an immediate part of my life. I always feel for people that have trouble dealing with their own families.

Posted February 11, 2009 by padraic2112 in memes

3 responses to “F is for Funkalicious

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  1. Forsaken! So fast to forget the favorite fanatastic and fun four letter f-word. FREE!

  2. Fail.

  3. Fantastic! Fabulous! Fascinating!

    Oh, for f*cks sake…

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