OUT, Damned spot!   3 comments

I’m cleaning today.  Kitty took the kiddos to the train museum at the park, and I’m tackling jobs that require loud music.

So far, done: cleaned the dog run, emptied the dishwasher, fed kiddos, cleaned up dishes, hand-scrubbed the hardwood floors in the living room with Murphy’s, cleaned the kitchen floor (likewise with rag and elbow grease), went to the store, rented the steam cleaner, refilled the water softner, and steam-cleaned the couch.

Moving on to the rugs in the bedrooms now.  Mr. Thorogood is very loud.

If you’ve never steam cleaned your rugs or upholstry, I highly recommend doing it at least once a year.  You’ll be utterly, thoroughly, and completely grossed out the first time you do it, the filth is transcendental.


Posted January 19, 2009 by padraic2112 in noise

3 responses to “OUT, Damned spot!

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  1. Transandental? Is that like a mobile dental office on a train? I really should have studied in school…

  2. Its a dental plan. Transamerica founded it.

  3. It is amazing what gets sucked out of the carpets isn’t it? We thought our rugs were pretty clean and then we borrowed our friend’s fancy vacuum and were absolutely amazed at all the stuff they was still in there.

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