No, Luke…   7 comments

… I am your father!  Not that other kid!

Jack & Levi

Jack & Levi


Posted October 30, 2008 by padraic2112 in family

7 responses to “No, Luke…

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  1. That “other kid” tapped me on the leg while I was talking to one of the other moms. I said, “Yes, Levi?” and he said, “I’m not Levi! I’m Darth Vader!” Oh – sorry, my lord, please don’t choke me!

  2. jack is a pretty handsome Luke.

  3. That is truly awesome. Awesome!!!!!

  4. @Annie- That is sick! You are Jack’s Aunt! You should know that Luke only makes out with his SISTER!

    @Kitty- I would love to see a Will Farrell “landlord” style remake of classic Vader scenes with a 5 year old Vader!

  5. @Vinnie – Luke and Vader (4 and almost 4) did battle with their blue (true to ep. 4) and red light sabers, but I only got stills, no video. Dang. They were making light saber noises (nyoh! nyoh! nyoh!) and everything.

  6. @Vinnie again – forgot to mention that “Luke’s” sister *was* dressed as Leah, but we didn’t let them work up any chemistry.

  7. @Kitty-

    That’s awesome! It’ll be hotter when when they are in their teens anyway. I’ve already reserved for you!

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