I See Your $7.5 Trillion And I Raise You $1 Bazillion   Leave a comment

Found at telegraph.co.uk, via NewScientist, via Digg:

Adnan Oktar, a creationist and rival of Richard Dawkins, has offered trillions of pounds to any scientists who can show proof of evolution.

Mr Oktar, 52, who successfully campaigned for Mr Dawkins’ official website to be banned in Turkey, has said he will give 10 trillion Turkish lira, roughly equal to £4.4trn “to anyone who produces a single intermediate-form fossil demonstrating evolution.”

Mr. Oktar, my dear sir… as has been pointed out by Mr. Barras, there already exist fossils that are categorized as intermediate-form; therefore I can only assume that (a) you don’t intend to pony up your obviously ridiculous wager or (b) you’re using a particularly well-couched definition of “intermediate-form”.

I’m afraid I can’t even give you credit for putting your money where your mouth is, given the impossibility of you delivering payment that well exceeds the liquid cash available to the richest man on earth… by 7.49 trillion dollars, give or take.


Posted October 10, 2008 by padraic2112 in news, noise

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