Turns Out, I’m a Front Man   6 comments

I don’t normally play too many video games anymore; not that I don’t enjoy them, but (with the exception of the occasional game of Civ) I just don’t have time with work, home stuff, grad school, and entertaining my own kids in a non-video fashion.

Last night sister Ann had her birthday celebration, a very low key affiar consisting of dinner at Islands and then back to her apartment with husband Dave, Brad, Shire, Shire’s wife Pauline, and myself.  Dave apparently got Ann Rock Band 2 as a “baseball gift to your mother” sort of arrangement, and we stayed up late and rocked out.  Apologies to the non-family/friend readers, you have no idea who all these people are and it’s too time consuming to introduce them all fully, but that’s not really the point of the post.  Onward and upward!

A brief review:

First, if you missed the whole Guitar Hero phenomenon, this game is *hard*.  Particularly if you have minor RSI like all us older techie types do, using the pinkie finger on the guitar controller is really difficult.  It is, however, a huge barrel of laughs, even for the non-videogamers in the house (Shire’s wife Pauline either thought we were hilarious or was doing an excellent job of covering for the sake of being polite).  Contrary to possible expectations among my siblings from prior air guitar feats, I’m not a Rock Band guitarist… perhaps I could be with enough practice, but that whole time-committment thing is going to kill off that possibility.  I’m passable at bass, at least on the less difficult songs.  Drummer is right out, I was about as coordinated as a spastic squid on hallucinogens attempting the drums.

I can, however, get “Awesome!” pretty regularly rockin’ the mike on the songs that I actually know (some of which had pretty difficult ratings in the game scale).  My voicebox is shot this morning, thanks to trying to finish off the night to Metallica’s “Battery”.  Did you know you can crack to a falsetto in Rock Band and still score well if you can transition just at the right time?  You can 🙂


Posted September 20, 2008 by padraic2112 in noise

6 responses to “Turns Out, I’m a Front Man

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  1. OMG, version 2.0 has “Battery” ??? I’m so sorry I missed that.

  2. Try drumming to “…and Justice for all”. Then kill yourself in shame.

  3. I am kicking ass on drums right now. Easy.

  4. pat has more holding the tune capability than I would ever have assumed. That guy can sing.

  5. @Megan-

    I never doubted your Metallica chops. I am sure you can directly channel Lars when necessary. Call me when you play the 1 for 1 version (expert.)

  6. Back @ Vin – I doubt that will ever happen. But we can always dream…

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