Mission Impossible Theme Music, Anyone?   5 comments

Now, this might be totally fake, but the boards nailed at the top of the gate make me think it’s real, as that indicates that it’s likely this isn’t the first time the dog pulled a stunt like this.

Moral of the story?  Door’s only as good as the lock, and the cage is only as good as the door, but a good roof matters too…

Posted September 15, 2008 by padraic2112 in noise, security

5 responses to “Mission Impossible Theme Music, Anyone?

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  1. The tell-tale brick on the top of the corrugated steel roof is a good indicator, too. Man, I love this parkour pup!

  2. one of the remaining caged dogs putting his paw up on the gate is the money shot.

  3. i thought of snoopy right away. infact i started whisltling the piano toon.

  4. Best dog EVAR!

  5. I figured you’d like that, Vinnie.

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