Dr. Free-Ride Cracks Me Up   2 comments

I read Janet Stemwedel’s blog pretty regularly; although she’s in an entirely different field she writes a lot about science ethics and philosophy, plus her Friday Sprog Blogging is routinely hilarious.

This last one was a classic.

Some of the readers of this blog don’t know my friend, Andy (the people that do know him will know where this is going, already).  Andy and his wife Trina would have a variant of this conversation… but whereas Janet and her husband are a bit whimsical in their deconstruction of the classroom economics, Andy would be diabolical about it.  Not only would Andy have *this* conversation with his kids, he’d take it to eleven.

He’d help his two kids plan a monopoly.  Hostile takeovers.  If Andy was a classroom volunteer, he’d dress up like Mr. Big and go in with a big bubblegum cigar and a pocket full of random goodies and horse trade until he had a huge number of plastic dimes.  He’d stack them up on the volunteer desk and cackle as he shuffled them around.  He’d may even come in with a couple big bags with “$$$” on them filled with counterfeit classroom coinage.

Andy is my friend that I would vote most likely to *get* his children called to the office… not for anything as crude as vandalism or beating up the other kids, but for actual grade-school subversive activity.

I don’t know that I’ve ever told him, but I admire him greatly for this.

[edited to add]

Just in over IM, Andy’s direct commentary:

“That Sprog Blog sounds kind of like an adventure in economics thing I had to do at SFC in 4th grade.  We were all supposed to be little businesses and bring in stuff to sell; lots of people had baked goods, but I did a raffle. I liked the thing I was raffling off so much that I rigged it so that I won. Plus I had a lot of the other kids’ money so i pigged out on their baked goods”

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.


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2 responses to “Dr. Free-Ride Cracks Me Up

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  1. Yep, the kids will have a lot of ‘splaining to do… I do not envy their teachers.

  2. Two words… “Mr. Sun”. That is all.

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