100 Things About Me   21 comments

Megan recently did this meme.  Here’s my version:

  1. My undergrad degree was in Mathematics.  Set theory colors a lot of my thinking.
  2. I’ve registered as Republican, Democrat, and Decline To State.  It’s likely that I’ll be all three again at some point.
  3. Like Meg, I’ve only ever lived in California.  I consider this a failing.
  4. I can’t play any musical instruments.  I also consider this to be a failing.
  5. If I could afford the time to learn a musical instrument, it would be either the saxophone or the violin.
  6. I can count cards at an amateur level.  This means I usually do okay at blackjack.  Don’t tell the casinos.
  7. I still have my comic book collection.
  8. I still have all my RPG rulebooks.
  9. Yes, I’m a nerd.
  10. I’ve worked in a slaughterhouse.  I think people that eat meat should do this.
  11. I still eat meat, and I feel pretty good about it.
  12. I love chocolate mousse, crab legs, blue cheese dressing, and bread.  If I was going to be given a last meal, these would all be part of it.  With coffee, scotch, and ice-cold water at appropriate spots.
  13. I can cook bacon better than Megan, whatever she says.  My waffles also rock the house down.
  14. It takes an alliance of most of the other players to beat me at Civilization (the board game).  I can haggle like a madman.
  15. I’ve read most of three different versions of the Bible, the KJV Apocrypha, most of the Koran, maybe a sixth of the Book of Mormon, and most of the Analects.
  16. I haven’t read the Shruti or the Smritis, but I intend to someday.
  17. I think that I’m smarter than a substantial portion of the population (science bears me out here).  Unlike a lot of smart people, I don’t imagine that this automatically means I’m any wiser.
  18. Actually, I think a lot of very smart people aren’t very wise.
  19. Contrary to popular opinion, I usually think I might be wrong.  When I’m arguing with you, I’m trying to learn something.
  20. I own a lot of books.  I’ve read most of them more than twice.
  21. I own every Rush album ever produced in a studio, and a few others besides.
  22. I’ve read a lot of philosophy.  I wish I could do this for a living.
  23. I’m very good at my job, but I don’t particularly like it.  I do feel pride at doing it well, though.
  24. I think this may be applicable to any “job” I might hold.
  25. I think people that judge their happiness by their job are weird.
  26. Ditto people that judge their happiness by any other single thing, including family.
  27. I have some seriously messed up friends and relatives.
  28. It occurs to me occasionally that some of them might include me in that category.
  29. I think irrationality is the number one threat to our country.
  30. I don’t think this is a problem limited to a particular political party.
  31. I think I would make a pretty good dictator (in the ancient Roman sense).
  32. I realize if I ever run for office that last comment would be a great talking point for my opponent.  I hope he or she thinks, “this is too easy!”  Muh-hahahahaha!
  33. I think the best way to judge how good your government is by examining its response to crisis.
  34. By that metric, the U.S. government is not doing well.
  35. I think this is largely the fault of the voters.  You wanted small government, you got it.  Probably should have specified “small acting” instead of “small thinking”, huh?
  36. I like traveling by train.
  37. Between the mountains, the valleys, or the beach, I’ll take the mountains almost every time.
  38. My favorite weather is 68 degrees, a few puffy white clouds, and an 8 mph breeze.  Football weather.
  39. I have memorized far too much movie dialog.  And I have movie tourette’s.
  40. I drink waaaaaaay to much coffee.
  41. I think the Earth revolves around my wife.  Thankfully, my wife is honest and loving and does not take advantage of this.  This is probably a major reason why I think the Earth revolves around my wife, but maybe I’m just really, really lucky.
  42. I don’t know if my kids are the cutest in the world, but I do think my kids are at least as cute as your kids.
  43. I think some babies are awfully ugly.
  44. One of my goals for the next decade is to generate all the power used in my household.
  45. I’d like that to include all power required for my day-to-day transportation, too.
  46. If I could be a part of the first colony on another planet, the only thing that would stop me from going is how it might affect my wife and children.  Assuming they’re willing and able to go along, never being able to see my parents and siblings and friends in person again would probably be a trade-off I’d be willing to make to be a part of humankind’s off-planet venture.
  47. I don’t know what that says about me as a friend, a brother, or a son.
  48. In my life, I have almost signed up for both the Army and the Coast Guard (all the way to the “visit the recruiting office” stage).  I don’t know if anyone actually knows this.
  49. Nothing enrages me more than abuse of power.
  50. I find it odd that some people trust the government to read everyone’s email, but won’t trust it to enforce regulation.
  51. I think that a lot of liberals are either hopelessly naive or critically cynical, and are far too ready to blame “Big Business” for things “Big Consumer” asks for.
  52. I think every person who claims to be a libertarian ought to be punched in the mouth by everyone who’s not libertarian.  Not too hard, just hard enough for them to realize that libertarianism doesn’t work unless everyone is libertarian.  It’s an awful lot like communism, that way.
  53. I personally am not offended by “The Fighting Irish”.
  54. I *am* offended by the St. Paddy’s Day parade, and how most Americans celebrate the day.  Staining the river green?  Staining their BEER green?  Is no sacrilege too great?
  55. I wish small town America would stop voting to pass laws that would force urban areas to be like them.
  56. I also wish urban American would stop voting to pass laws that would force small town America to be like them.
  57. Of all the people I know, I would put small minority up as people I’d be eager (as opposed to willing) to guard my back in a foxhole.  The conservatives outnumber the liberals 3-1 in that class.
  58. Of all the people I know, I would put maybe a couple up as people I’d be eager (as opposed to willing) to campaign for if they ran for office.  The liberals outnumber the conservatives 3-1 in that class.
  59. I don’t find this to be odd; I want an entirely different sort of person for those two jobs.  Maybe you don’t.  Maybe you should think more about it, if you don’t.
  60. Hurble Burble.  I like Cheese.  (thanks to Corey for that line).
  61. People who think that a tautology is an argument make me angry.
  62. If I could change one thing about the high school curriculum, I would force freshmen to take logic.  Almost every hard science and math class depends on it, as do the social sciences.  I don’t understand why they don’t teach it anymore.
  63. Oh, wait, they sort of do, except now they call it “critical thinking” and they try to use it as a teaching method instead of actually teaching it as a subject.  I think this is bass-ackwards.
  64. Everyone I know who owns a gun is someone I would trust to take care of my children.
  65. I don’t in any way extrapolate that to “gun owners are responsible”.  I think I know a lot of non-average gun owners.  But it certainly makes me wonder about some of the arguments tossed out by anti-gun people.
  66. Jack likes “Return of the Jedi” the best, because of the Ewoks.  I think this means I started him on Star Wars too early – I consider this a failing, too.
  67. The 5 ways I’d least like to die, in order: tortured to death, painful terminal disease, burning to death, eaten alive by a large predator, and stupid meaningless accident.  [edited to add] Guess whether I’m counting up from one or down from five.
  68. The way I’d most like to die: struck by a meteor at age 128.4ish, seeing January 1st, 2100.  While dancing.  Struck by a meteor, how awesome would that be?  (note – small meteor, please, I don’t necessarily want anyone else hoisted by that petard).
  69. I don’t want to live forever.  I’d like to live a couple of centuries, though.  Can someone get on that?
  70. I think humanity needs to get at least part of its collective butt off of this rock.
  71. Newsflash – Nature doesn’t love you.  Historically speaking, Nature has eventually gotten around to killing off almost every species above the microbe level that it has birthed.  It’s currently leading humanity, 5-to-(arguably)-1, in mass extinctions.  I don’t trust Mother Nature, and neither should you.
  72. That said, our stewardship of the Earth is pretty atrocious.  I’d really like to see us stop trying to wear this planet out.  Sooner or later (about 5 billion years or so) the Sun will render the point moot, until then we really could stop leaving our dirty underwear lying around and do the dishes.  If nothing else, it makes it harder for us to figure out how to move.
  73. The egg came first.  Chickens come out of eggs.  Eggs could come from two things that weren’t quite chickens.  Yes, I think “hatched out of an egg” is an essential property of chickeness.
  74. I would take the red pill.  I want to see the real, even when it sucks way more than the fantasy. [edited to add -> even if I didn’t get the ability to download kung fu into my brain in a couple of seconds]
  75. Dry roasted peanuts are several orders of magnitude better than cocktail peanuts.  This isn’t opinion, it’s fact.  Really.
  76. Plumbing scares me more than electrical.  I’m not worried about electrocuting myself or burning down the house.  I am worried about flooding it.
  77. If I could have either, I would pick the Millennium Falcon over the Enterprise, provided I could fly and fix it.
  78. I think my maternal grandfather was one of the toughest men that ever lived.  I think the cost of this was very very high.  I’d like to think I could be that tough if I had to be, and I’d like to pray I never have to be.
  79. I’m proud of my parents.
  80. I think daily foot massages are one of the secrets to a good marriage.
  81. One of the only things I miss, since myself becoming a parent of small children, is the feeling that it’s okay to play music really really loud.
  82. I’m looking forward to embarrassing my children when they get older.  They do it to me now, turnabout is fair play, right?
  83. If I won the lottery, I’d want to buy this.  It’s one of the few completely irrational desires I have, sue me.  I’m not a Vulcan.
  84. I love 70’s cop shows.
  85. I want to become a licensed ham radio operator.  I *will* get around to this, some day.
  86. I’ve never seen a natural royal flush dealt in five card poker.
  87. I’m a night owl.
  88. I think backgammon is one of the best games ever.
  89. I wish I could sing like Danny Elfman, play basketball like Derek Fisher, fight like Bruce Lee, ride like Tom Burlinson, shoot like Im-Dong Hyun, and dance like Gene Kelly.  All with no practice.
  90. If I could, I would have four 24″ monitors on my computer.  And yes, I would use that much real estate.
  91. I’m one class away from my Master’s degree, and I want a graduation party.
  92. I think swimming pools should be cold enough to give you a heck of a breathtaking shock.
  93. When I get in a pool, I don’t dip my toes.  I’m a damn-the-torpedoes just jump in sort of guy.
  94. One season, I watched 78 of the 84 regular season Laker games.  I don’t have time for those shenanigans any more.
  95. The months of August and September make me wish I didn’t live in Pasadena.
  96. Somebody is really going to have to impress the hell out of me before I think he’s going to be good enough to marry my daughter.  I think there’s a lake of lava somewhere you can swim, try that for a start.
  97. I realize that #96 is a problem I’m going to have to deal with sometime before she gets old enough to consider such a possible event.  I’m hoping 18 years is enough time?
  98. I loathe the telephone.  Whenever it rings, a little voice in the back of my head starts chirping annoyingly about Pavlov’s dog.
  99. Every time I go to get my hair cut, I’m tempted to buzz it down to 1/4″, just to see what it looks like.
  100. I miss having a big aquarium.

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21 responses to “100 Things About Me

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  1. So I am assuming you weren’t present in the game where Hammer got dealt the royal? I wasn’t present either, but I trust Meat and Hammer on this one.

  2. Hammer got dealt a Royal?

    No, I wasn’t there. I did see my Dad get the straight flush in 5-card stud going against Hammer’s… three of a kind? Shoot, I can’t remember what Ben had I just remember that it was a crazy good hand for no-wild 5 stud… that one time you guys both played at the Mountain house, though. Still haven’t see the Royal.

  3. Now you have me questioning my memory. It may not have been stud, could have been 5 card draw. Guess you have to wait for Hammer to check in on it.

  4. #46 – So you are allowing Dreyfuss to kick your ass here? (Please know this is a tongue-in-cheek response and I haven’t actually got past #46 yet so hold your horses….)

  5. @ Meg

    Yeah, I couldn’t throw down that hard. Those colonists who sailed off to the New World and left the family behind? I couldn’t be that guy.

  6. You rang?

    I vaguely remember being dealt a Royal in five card draw in the dorm. The part that is most familiar is… no thanks I’ll play these… he’s Bluffing!

    Please explain 90 versus 44 and 45… would the productivity gain be that great that it isn’t a ego thing? I have a zero carbon footprint at home, I go to work and charge a 50000 Ah battery to tow home with my diesel truck. 😛 Also, my chance to push that bike to work thing again!

    Number 64, Vinnie included?

  7. Well, if I can generate all my own power, running four monitors vs one is just a slightly higher requirement for the solar panels, right? Yes, there’s environmental cost to producing the monitors and the solar panels and the batteries, but one has to start somewhere.

    Besides, there’s environmental cost to walking around, eating, and breathing.

    I’d trust Vinnie to watch my kids, sure 🙂

  8. Sure 😛 he says that when VinE’s in Oregon! I think you are banking on the kids becoming responsible enough to watch him before testing this hypothesis….

    4 monitors, well pricing the panels at $ per watt, if you keep making these decisions based on what you’d like to run, soon you’re in Vinny territory. I’d like to run solar… and I need my Xbox, and high def 64″ Tv. Unless the 70″ has come out…

    Anyway, DOE has interesting stats about demand for electricity now being driven by the increase in BIGTVs. “Big consumer” stats.

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  10. #41 aww


    You have registered as a Republican? That’s more shocking to me than the Army/Coast Guard one. Ya think ya know a husband.

  11. Oh yeah, and you’re willing to have dealt with your not-good-enough-to-marry-my-daughter by the time she’s 20? Because if you let her go that early, then that boy is going to have to get past ME 🙂

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  13. >>I’ve registered as Republican … It’s likely that I’ll be all three again at some point.

    AGAIN at some point? AGAIN?? You shouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

  14. @ Kitty and Ann

    There have been times when a vote in a Democratic Primary will result in a null net advantage (two comparable candidates), when simultaneously a vote in the Republican Primary will result in a major net advantage (one hoooooorible and one disagreeable candidate).

    It’s less important in California, but still something to consider.

  15. @ Pat

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, buddy! Everything will be just fine. Where’s the liquor cabinet? Anyway, Jack will be able to field strip an M4 carbine blindfolded by the time you return, and Hanna will be able to mix a monster Tanqueray and Tonic!

  16. Hannah will already know how to mix a T&T, dummy… what, you think I’m going to stir myself from in front of the TV once she’s old enough to pour without spilling?

  17. Uh oh, we have a race a for “Father of the Year” now.

  18. 😥

    Now you both have me all misty for my childhood days.

  19. Benji!!!!

    Where’s my Scotch and Soda!


  20. Before age 7 it was mostly wine, something about kids trying to fill the little snifter…
    A little older and it was GnT’s in ABQ. Also in ABQ some years before 12 I was enlisted to uncork champagne at both balloon fiesta and champangne Easter brunches. At those events it was safer to have the sober 10 year old than the adults opening.

  21. Ahh…good times, good times.

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