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Ramblin’ thoughts today:

Did a little cleaning in the office; Kitty took Jack and Hannah to Kidspace for a birthday party, and I did a couple of minor things that have fallen off my task list for… well, several months now. Finally got around to mounting the wireless access point on the wall so that it didn’t take up desk space – things like that.

I also decided to get around to ripping and filing the 20-odd CDs I have purchased since I did my “great CD rip project”. During this project I got rid of a very large piece of furniture and over 500 crystal cases.  Now all my CDs are nestled in giant binders, and the album art and liner notes are currently locked away in a bin, awaiting… something. The total number in the binders now hits 594, if you count the Star Trek sound effects disk.

Of course, adding a bunch of CDs to a filed collection involves moving almost all of the disks; not too time consuming, but annoying enough that it took some inertial buildup to get it off the bottom of the to-do list.

Since I was touching most of them anyway, I decided to quality check a random selection while I was at it. In spite of the fact that I starting buying CDs in 1989, my collection is in remarkably good shape. They’re all playable without skips, and very few scratches overall… Ann or Megan will attest that this is largely due to rampant disc paranoia on my part. I’ve forbidden access to my CD collection to people who have left discs lying around instead of putting them back into their crystal case and filing them in the appropriate spot in the CD rack.

Oddly enough, although Kitty and I have a pretty large overlap on the things we like to listen to, we don’t actually have that many overlapped discs, so if you count Kitty’s 180-200 CDs, we come close to the 800 mark combined (my music player reports 776 albums in the repo). The rip collection is a little out of sorts, about a dozen discs didn’t rip when I made the repository, and I’ve never gotten around to fixing that up. Maybe I’ll start that project next weekend.

In the last 15 years, I’ve had to replace only three albums. The first is Pearl Jam’s Ten, which disappeared out of my apartment after a party. Why “Ten” and nothing else, I have no idea. The second is Rush’s Moving Pictures, which I’ve lost twice. The first time was the gold master copy, I’m still irritated about that one. I have to take the blame on that one myself, since I simply have no idea when or how it disappeared – I slipped the crystal case out of the rack one day and it was empty. The second copy was accidentally discarded with old computer equipment, also all on me (that’s what I get for using my own audio CDs to test work equipment). The final lost soul is the Beastie Boys’ License To Ill, which unfortunately was left in a rental car and lost forever.


Posted August 23, 2008 by padraic2112 in noise

4 responses to “6 shy of 600

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  1. That’s a lot of CD’s.

  2. I have 11,325 songs in my iTunes.
    I thought that was a lot until Anastasia told me she have over 30,000

  3. 9,931 tracks. Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do.

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