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Thunderbird got itself into an endless loop today on the home PC, trying to update itself.  Contents of the error message: “One or more files cannot be opened for editing”.

Wow, thanks, that’s very illustrative – can’t you tell me *which* file?  Turned out the culprit was mozMapi32.dll, a file located in Thunderbird’s program files directory.  Something (other than Thunderbird) was locking the file.

A little investigation showed that the root cause of the problem was likely my logitech web cam, killing off the web cam software enabled me to delete the file and do a clean install of Thunderbird

What?  Why in heaven is my web cam software locking files in another program’s directory?   Now, I’m not entirely positive that the root cause is the web cam software, I didn’t test out this theory rigorously.  But a google search shows that logitech software has been suspected as the root cause of update problems for quite some time now.

So, if you have a logitech web cam (or possibly any logitech device; I’ll try to replicate this problem with the web cam uninstalled and the wireless mouse plugged in), expect update problems.  Turn off your web cam software (annoyingly, the easily accessible logitech software does not provide “do not launch at boot” as
an option.

Nice going, dev squad at Logitech.  If in fact you’re the root cause of this problem, you’ve managed to replicate bad behavior that I haven’t seen since late Windows 98… and you’ve left it broken for quite some time now without fixing it.

I’ll try to take the time to verify this post-haste.  If this is the case, I’d have to consider not recommending Logitech devices in general…


Posted July 25, 2008 by padraic2112 in hardware, software, tech

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