Game, Set, Match   4 comments

One of my rare family-unfriendly posts.

The only appropriate way for me to deal with the death of my favorite comedic giant is with comedy.  For a more serious look at the career of George Carlin, see Matthew Caverhill.

George had a great skit comparing himself to Richard Pryor… I found the direct quote on wikipedia:

“An update on the comedian health sweepstakes. I currently lead Richard Pryor in heart attacks 2 to 1. But Richard still leads me 1 to nothing in burning yourself up. See, it happened like this. First Richard had a heart attack. Then I had a heart attack. Then Richard burned himself up… and I said, ‘Fuck that. I’m having another heart attack!’

Richard Pryor died three years ago, from a heart attack. George joined him yesterday. Looks like he takes the game, 3-2.

Rest well, you cantankerous old fart.


Posted June 23, 2008 by padraic2112 in humor, news

4 responses to “Game, Set, Match

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  1. here’s one for tom already got deleted? i didn’t get to read it yet!

  2. turned out it wasn’t real.

    I got snookered by teh Intawebs.

  3. damn that world wide intrawebs!

  4. Thank you for the link. I just wish it came under better circumstances.

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