Marching into the Detention Area is NOT what I had in mind.   1 comment

From my last post: “But there’s a first time for everything”.

I should have been more specific. From ESPN:

Boston’s 39-point win surpassed the NBA record for the biggest margin of victory in a championship clincher; the Celtics beat the Lakers 129-96 in Game 5 of the 1965 NBA Finals.

When I said, “You don’t have to. I’m still not expecting you to do it,” I probably also should have mentioned that I WAS expecting the team to… you know… show up? To the game? Doc? Hello?  The flag, it means “go”?

Ah, well. Getting your rear handed to you on a platinum platter might actually light a fire under somebody. It can certainly be used as motivation for next year, assuming Bynum comes back effective and we get someone who doesn’t suffer from Elden disease as a third big body. But man, that’s an ugly pile of crow for your fans to have to eat for the summer, fellas.

I thought only the SF Giants would be so cruel as to get to the Big Show and then fold like a house of cards. The Lakers and the 49ers never made me have to turn off the game in utter revulsion. I guess there’s a first time for everything.


Posted June 18, 2008 by padraic2112 in sports

One response to “Marching into the Detention Area is NOT what I had in mind.

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  1. Megan pointed out that both of you had Star Wars quotes for blog titles on the same day.
    Considering you two, I guess it was bound to happen at some point.

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