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There is a new article up on Arstechnia about broadband in the United States that’s worth reading if you’re one of the three presidential candidates.

Despite the repeated claims of the current administration that our “broadband policy” is working, the US actually has no broadband policy and no aggressive and inspiring goals (think “moon shot”). The EDUCAUSE model suggests investing $100 billion (a third comes from the feds, a third from the states, and a third from companies) to roll out fiber to every home in the country. Whether the particular proposal has merit or not, it at least has the great virtue of being an ambitious policy that recognizes the broad economic and social benefits from fast broadband.

Here’s hoping that the next president, whoever he (or, possibly, she) is, gives us something more effective—and inspiring—than this. It’s telling that the current administration’s official page on the President’s tech policy hasn’t had a new speech or press release added since… 2004.


Posted May 12, 2008 by padraic2112 in politics, social, tech

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