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The new Iron Man movie was, so far, the best adaption of a comic book made into a feature film.  And I say this as someone who collected comic books from fourth grade well past when it was reasonable for someone to collect them (and probably still would if I had the time).  My favorite comic books were The Uncanny X-men, The Amazing Spiderman, The Invincible Iron Man, and a little known comic called Dynamo Joe.

They’ve turned three of those into feature films, and arguably (with the exception of the first Batman, Batman Returns, and the original Superman) the three Marvel titles above warrant top marks for making the transition to the big screen.  Spiderman did an acceptable job of putting a character on the screen, X-men did an acceptable job of putting a team on the screen, and both of those did an excellent job of making all the paranormal abilities of their characters look believable.

Iron Man busted their chops on all counts.  Shellhead is the uber geek hero; a guy who built his powers from the ground up.  Spidey made his webshooters (something that geeks everywhere lamented didn’t make it into the movies), but any kid could dream that the red and gold suit was something that was maybe possibly somewhat attainable, sometime in their lifetime.

If you were one of those kids, go watch it.  And if you were a real Marvel fan, make sure you stay in your seat until after the credits are done rolling.


Posted May 4, 2008 by padraic2112 in movies

2 responses to “Yeah, Okay. I saw it twice already

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  1. For the record, I called the opening weekend gross of $100 million. Analysts were saying $50 million. $70 Million if it was a “big” weekend. I got a couple of people interested in the stock (MVL), and said that the dorks would come out in force. Thanks for proving me right! BTW, I was there on opening night myself. 🙂

  2. Cha-Ching!

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