Will Someone Please Stop the Material?   1 comment

Seriously.  How can I get back to blogging about actual sysadmin work and/or my research when I am spoon fed stuff like this?  It’s a $300,000 watch that doesn’t tell time.

Now, Vinnie would say that this is the perfect watch for Vegas, and he’s right.  There are two times in Vegas, “day” and “night”, and you really can’t tell the difference if you’re at the tables – the entire casino is designed as a time suspension capsule to keep you at your seat.  Moreover, if you’re a high roller, a $300,000 price tag isn’t going to be a big imposition, right?

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: if you buy this watch, you are an idiot.  You might be an extremely well-heeled idiot, but you are a straight-on, starkers, no-kiddin’, flat-out self absorbed fool.  At least Ferrari owners can get some functionality out of their obscene purchases… this is something designed to do nothing.


Posted April 27, 2008 by padraic2112 in noise

One response to “Will Someone Please Stop the Material?

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  1. I bet if you went & looked around (i.e. were allowed in) the celeb parties in Vegas, you’d find someone wearing this thing.

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