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The brother in law has started blogging resumed blogging; looks like I’ve sucked yet another one in! (Of course, I deserve no real credit for this whatsoever).

Since Dave is a Dodgers fan, I’m going to have a tough time reading his blog due to the fact that my favorite baseball team is going to spend the vast majority of the season deep in the proverbial toilet. What makes it worse is that the Dodgers are The Rival. Ugh. Well, at least we both like the Lakers. Here is where my brother will comment that I’m a traitor to my blood since I became a fan of the Lakers, but I can say two things in my defense: first, that the Golden State Warriors are as accursed a franchise as the Clippers and deserve nothing but ridicule; and second, that I became a Laker fan after watching the second Randy Pfund season with my then-roommate. I rest easy that there is no way I can be accused of being a bandwagon fan for adopting a team with a 33-49 record.

But I digress. What led me to author this post was reading Dave’s Top 5 Video Games post. I thought I’d answer back with mine:

  • Civilization III: Conquests (PC)
  • Populous (Sega Genesis)
  • Fighters Megamix (Sony Playstation)
  • Resident Evil 3 (Sony Playstation)
  • Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun (PC/Sony Playstation)

As you can surmise, it’s been a while since I had serious gearhead gaming time.


Posted April 26, 2008 by padraic2112 in family, noise, software, tech

5 responses to “Welcome Heavy D

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  1. Pat, I am a Laker fan too. They are unstopable. They may not lose a playoff game.

  2. The Warriors pulled off the greatest upset in NBA playoff history last year. The Clippers are the worst franchise is professional sports history. But they’re still my second favorite team.

  3. I wouldn’t call the Warriors beating Dallas the greatest upset in NBA playoff history. Sure, it was the first time a #8 had beat a #1 in a seven game series, but Golden State swept Dallas during the season, so it was obvious before the playoffs started that they had a good match-ups against them.

    Personally, I still think the ’94 Nuggets upsetting the SuperSonics (also a number 8 upsetting a number 1, albeit in a five game series) was more unexpected. Of course, I knew less about basketball in ’94 🙂

  4. Dave’s blog is older than this one.

  5. thank you, fact-checker. Corrected 🙂

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