This One Goes To Eleven   2 comments

See, when you’re drivin’ in your motorcar, and you’re going 185 MPH, and you want to make a turn but four tires really just aren’t enough, you’ve got these other two tires to go to… for when you need just a bit more. There’s six tires, see, which is bigger.

Photoshopped, or real?  It’s been done before, in F1 (thanks to Mr. McKinnon for the link)

ENGINE: rear, longitudinal, 8 cylinder in V formation, 4 valves per cylinder, naturally aspirated, petrol direct injection Bosch-motronic.
CAPACITY: 4200 cc
MAX POWER: 440 PS (325KW) at 6400 rpm
MAX TORQUE: about 470 Nm at 2700 rpm
TRANSMISSION: rear wheel drive transaxle
GEARBOX: mechanical 6-speed + reverse. Manual and electro-hydraulic steeringwheel mounted servo
CHASSIS: steel tubular with carbon fibre reinforcements and structural parts
SUSPENSION: independent front and rear wishbones
WHEELS AND TYRES: front 15in wheels with 205/45-15 tyres; rear 20in with 345/25-20 tyres
BRAKES: front and rear vented Brembo discs. Bosch servo and electronic brake distribution
BODYWORK: glass fibre and carbon fibre
DIMENSIONS: length 4180mm; width 1990mm; height 1080mm; wheelbase 2230mm/2750mm (to foremost/middle front transaxle); front track 1540mm; rear track 1620mm ; dry weight 1150Kg
TOP SPEED: 300Kph (185mph)


Posted April 25, 2008 by padraic2112 in noise, tech

2 responses to “This One Goes To Eleven

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  1. No. Way.

  2. Have you seen a Pixar short “Mike’s new car” ? Comes on “Monsters Inc.” DVD. Extremely entertaining (I’m tempted to say even better than “Monters Inc.” itself, as has no “family values” garbage). And very apropos to this blog post.

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