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It’s actually possible! Some time in the relatively near future, you won’t have to package Java yourself! Sun is finally providing something uncomplicated for a platform other than Solaris!

OpenJDK is based on Java Platform, Standard Edition (SE) 6. The open sourcing process began in November 2006. But a few components, including some encryption libraries, graphics libraries, the sound engine, and some SNMP management code still could not be offered under the GNU General Public License. These components accounted for 4 percent of the platform…

The few remaining encumbrances on Java have prevented Linux distributors from offering a fully open-source version of Java, said Sands. “All those Linux distributions, they haven’t had a full-blown implementation in them,” he said…

Once Java is 100 percent open source, it can be shipped as part of Linux, Sands said. Ubuntu has distributed Java as separately available commercial software, he noted.

Of course, this process started 18 months ago, so… well, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.


Posted April 23, 2008 by padraic2112 in linux, open source, software, solaris, tech

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