Let there be music, Part I   Leave a comment

Busy copying my 700ish albums’ worth of music files from a portable drive to the new desktop, and since I haven’t posted in a while, I thought I’d take inspiration from this activity to write a bit.  The fun part will be part II.  Here’s the boring part:

I loathe almost every popular music player available for the Windows operating system.  Windows Media Player and iTunes both suffer from gargantuan bloat, due to the DRM underpinnings that Microsoft and Apple have shoved into the software so that large media corporations will feel comfortable about distributing their content digitally.

WinAmp used to be my player of choice; they’ve added video file playback since its inception and also glogged a chunk of additional unwanted unnecessary services into the player, most of which are intended to provide some sort of revenue stream to the project.

By itself, I can’t argue so much with that.  I like to see community developers get some sort of reward for their work, and it’s certainly not a zero-cost operation to develop and distribute a media player.  On the other hand, I just want to play some music, damn it.

Currently, I’ve settled on FooBar as a recommended player.  It’s on my laptop.  It’s lightweight, and does a particular job (play music) pretty well.  It doesn’t do much else, but for the time being I’m content.  Jack still likes the visualizations from WinAmp, so it’s on the desktop machine for when he’s sitting in the office.


Posted April 19, 2008 by padraic2112 in software, Windows

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