Cool Website – Hubble   1 comment

No, not the telescope (which is also very cool).

Ever had one of those times when your Internet connection just seemed wonky, and you weren’t sure if it was your ISP in particular, the site you’re trying to get to, or some other odd routing problem?  (I’m assuming my Gentle Readers are geeky enough to eliminate your locally accessible equipment as the source of your problem).

Check out U-Dub’s Hubble: Monitoring Internet Reachability in Real-Time site.  Internet black holes.


Posted April 9, 2008 by padraic2112 in networking, tech, web sites

One response to “Cool Website – Hubble

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  1. My 8th grade friend Kate’s dad worked on the Hubble telescope. He gave a presentation to our class and the class clown asked, “Yeah, but didn’t it Not Work?”
    What a jacknut.

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