Musical Geek Meme   5 comments

Dr. Free-Ride posts another meme, and it’s particularly geek-delicious:

“Come up with a visual/graphical representation of a song or some lyrical subset of it.”

Following links led me here, and then here and finally to the whole flickr group here. Sister Meg will appreciate this Violent Femmes one:

My first cracks:


Posted April 6, 2008 by padraic2112 in humor, memes, noise

5 responses to “Musical Geek Meme

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  1. Fantastic.

  2. A productivity killer. Excellent!

    My Dean, my department head, and my neglected students… they all thank you.


  3. While I’m at it… can you send me a high-res copy of your “Unification” chart? I’d love to put it on my office door. The kids need something to laugh at before they see all the red on their papers…

  4. Sent you a PDF of an altered (correct) version.

    I made the original forgetting that U Can’t Touch This came out in ’90 🙂

  5. Pat, this amazes me. Truly.

    Good on ya, mate!

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