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Ann’s recent blog post is one of those blog memes you see from time to time: “If you could pick only five albums to listen to for eternity, what would they be?” I’m going to define “album” thusly: one (1) complete recording, maximum of 72 minutes in length, distributed in the form of a single cassette, vinyl album, or compact disc.

So, no cheating and pulling out dual-disc “albums”, unless you want to pay two slots for it. This is extremely difficult. I am one of those people that walks around with a soundtrack in my head, but this contest isn’t about choosing 360 minutes of music, it’s about choosing 5 *albums*; there’s a significant difference. I consider albums to be a superset art – assembling an album isn’t just a matter of choosing 10-20 good songs, it’s about building a collection that is more than the sum of its parts. At the same time, if I’m stuck for eternity with only 5 albums, I can’t necessarily pick the best albums, because there are songs I must have. So, here’s mine, no particular order, with reasoning:

(1) City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra: Walter Weller Conductor – Beethoven: The Complete Symphonies, Vol 1, CD 2 – (Symphony No 2 in D Major, No 5 in C Minor)

(2) Rush – Moving Pictures

(3) Assorted Motown Artists: Saturday Night Downtown, Disc (not sure, I’ll have to update this post when I can look at the playlists)

(4) Midnight Oil – Red Sails in the Sunset

(5) The Beatles – Abbey Road

Abbey Road because we must have some Beatles. Every time I hear “Oh Darling” or “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”, I wish that I could sing this goddamn song as well as Paul /John does, because I would love to be able to sing it to my wife* in something other than my horrid singing voice. Red Sails because it is tied to a great number of memories in my head of my early teenage years. Not sure if the Birmingham recording is the best of Beethoven’s 5th, but it’s the one I have and I must have Beethoven’s 5th. Not only is this required in and of its own right, but several of my favorite memories of my father have this recording as the soundtrack, and I should miss the clarity of recollection that comes with the music itself. Saturday Night Downtown for similar reasons -> I must have some Motown, and this album has a number of associations with my mother that I would like to keep alive. Moving Pictures because we must have some Rush.

* – not implying that she’s planning on leaving me πŸ™‚


Posted March 31, 2008 by padraic2112 in memes, noise

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  1. What, nothing Irish?

    Not planning on leaving you, even if you sing Oh, Darling in your own, God-given voice. πŸ˜‰

  2. I like that you included your reasons why.
    Isn’t it kind of cheating to have a compilation, though?
    I mean, if you don’t allow dual disc … Especially considering this example: The White Album is just one album, although two discs… Considering your rules, I don’t know if I can, in good conscience, approve of Assorted Motown Artists.

    It’s a solid, well-rounded list, of course. You are Pat. We expect nothing less.

  3. > Isn’t it kind of cheating to have a compilation, though?

    You can define “album” lots of different ways; “single packaged recording” (regardless of length/number of media included) – in which case I take my Led Zepplin superboxed set and put it in there… you could define “album” as “collection of songs distributed in their original complete package”, which disallows compilations or albums that include re-releases of previously released tracks (no Yellow Submarine, “best of”, or live albums).

    I just went with the 72 minute limit because I needed to settle on something arbitrarily, and CD length was most acceptable for the purposes of building the list. If you want to be a 33 1/3 LP purist, you’re limited to 45 minutes. Cassettes were maxed out at 120 minutes in normal commercially available configurations. ( if you want to geek out on the tech specs for old media.

    I will come up with a suitable non-compilation alternative, in the interests of meeting Ann’s Criteria, however πŸ˜‰

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