Australia Gives Police Right to Search Entire Internet   Leave a comment

At least they need a warrant.

Of course, they only need a warrant to search one machine; then they get (according to the story):

The proposed laws would allow police to search computers networked to those listed on a search warrant.

Police could also seize computer hard drives and memory sticks for up to seven days.

Now, this is a news report, so this might not be an accurate representation of exactly what the law says, but… networked? Really? So if I travel to New South Wales and connect to the Internet, any police officer with a warrant to search any computer that’s connected to the Internet can just pick up my computer and keep it for seven days?

This is a good idea… why?  Oh…

“What we know is that there are organised crime gangs who use the internet and other forms of technology to hide their crimes,” he [Police Minister David Campbell] said.

“There’s also the ongoing concern of pornography over the internet, and these proposed new powers for police will give police an even playing field.”

Er, organized crime gangs and pornographers also use houses, cars, backpacks, briefcases, grocery bags, bikes, phones, hotel rooms, airplanes… hey, they use just the same technology that everybody in the world uses!  Shock!  Consternation!  I guess we should be able to search every plane, bag, passenger, and person at a local airport if someone happens to pass through a terminal and we have a warrant to search their person…



Posted March 6, 2008 by padraic2112 in security, social, tech

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