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One interesting side effect of blogging is the intellectual questions that start bothering you when you look at your logs.

Apparently Bruce linked to my Rudy Giuliani posts in the last Crypto-gram (thanks, Bruce), and I had a sudden flood of visits to those two posts on the 15th (the date that the Crypto-gram goes out). Aside from finally blowing a day from last December off its standing as my “best day ever”, it’s also introduced three consecutive days of multiple posts hitting double-digit views. I’m not exactly crippling WordPress’s bandwidth bills, here.

The odd thing is that I now have 151 visits to part I and 157 visits to part II of that two-part article. Six more people have read the second part than the first. WordPress records page visits no matter how long the viewer stays at the page, so this isn’t because someone got bored reading through the admittedly very long analysis and skipped to the end… 6 people have come to the site directly to the second half, and never read the first.

The nerd part of my brain is wondering why, and will forever be perplexed by this interesting anomaly. Since you can’t force people to comment on your blog, I’ll be unlikely to ever be able to gather any data that can provide illustration as to the cause of this. It’s one of those small brain itches I suppose I’ll just have to learn to live with…


Posted February 18, 2008 by padraic2112 in noise

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  1. Easy, did I comment on the second part? Anyway, besides my popularity being good for the extra views, I usually have to return several times, scroll to the comments, before viewing the comment where I am properly chastised.

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